Sunday, January 23, 2011


It is a hypothesis that affirms that many international maneuvers take place to support the current system of fiduciary currency in which the importance of the American dollar decides for the fact that the prices of many goods as for example the energy, the oil and the gas, name in dollars. Due to the fact that many countries guard big quantities of dollars as reservations, these can be used to buy these goods without the need of conversion of currencies. If the name of the prices of the goods they were changing to another currency, for example the Euro, many countries would sell the dollars causing a displacement of the reservations to this currency. In agreement with the law of offer and demand this would debilitate to the dollar.

In this moment The currencies have turned into an important protectionist weapon to support the economic recovery. To no country he is interested in these moments in a strong currency since it would reduce competitiveness to his products and, therefore, it would ballast his exports.

Like that, exhausted the packages of stimulus, the countries start taking measurements to protect his currencies before a dollar and a yuan increasingly devaluated, that favors his exports. The Dollar is in minimums of 15 years with regard to the yen and of eight months with the Euro (1,40 units).

Brazil and Japan have controlled, without success, his coins to try to stop his strengthening. In addition, the Japanese Government has created a bottom of 60.000 million dollars to buy assets.For your part, the EU and the USA have asked, also without success, to China to estimate the yuan and, even more, when his devaluation is artificial.

Germany also has intervened in this war, not uselessly, the country is net exporting.

Spain lives through this situation with on the one hand, his commercial scale is inverse to that of the European locomotive, with what he benefits from cheaper purchases and, in addition, it is " very dependent on the oil prices "

In the medium term the principal world economies will have to reach an agreement to prevent that this war, which can end for harming the world growth in his set.
" A war of currencies supposes the increase of protectionist temptations that are not not favorable at all in the current point of the cycle, where the uncertainty still is raised ",


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