Thursday, January 20, 2011

A powerful black hole threatens our galaxy

A huge black hole, which has the size of 6600 millions times the size of our sun is next to our galaxy `` Milky way´´. It can be the first time in the Human History that we can have the option to see a black hole only using an amateur telescope.For the first time, astronomers from the University of Texas at Austin (USA) have managed to take measures of this giant. This black hole has the honour of be the most enormous has been measured, due to his size it could have the capacity to swallow the solar system.To get an idea of its grandeur, just goes without saying that the event horizon of M87 is about three times larger than Pluto's orbit, enough to engulf our entire solar system.
To discover the dimensions of this giant, the team used the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii eight-meter telescope and the Harlan J. Smith's McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas.Measure a black hole as massive sheds light on the formation of galaxies and perhaps will, in future, see with our own eyes the actual appearance of something that has already managed to occupy our imaginations.

Ion Ander

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