Friday, June 20, 2014


On Friday  we met at 5.30 am at school. There we said good bye to our host families and we addressed to Lisbon´s Airport. When we arrived to the airport we said good bye to the people from other countries and them we took the plane.


On Thursday we met at 9.00 am to visit some places which were located near seaside. The first place that we visited was AcobaƧaa, then we went to Sao Martinho Do Porto and finisshed our visit in Foz Do Arelho.
At 18.00 pm we arrived to the school where the students were picked up by famlies and the teachers went to their hotel.


On wednesday we met at 9.00 am at school.Then we went to visit  Janela Digital a company which was located near the town. After visting the company we went to Obidos a beautiful old village.
At 13.00 pm we left Obidos to go to Caldas De Rainha were  we had lunch.
In the afternoon we did some school sports, where all students participated and were divided in some groups.
While we were playing the teachers met to speak about the first meeting (Bulgary) and the next meeting which will be in France.
At 20.00 pm teachers, students and host families met at school to have dinner all together.


In the morning at 8.30 am all the students arrived to the school with our hosty student. When we arrived to the school Portuguese students show us( other students) the school. Then when the teachers arrived at school at 9.00 am  we went  tot the auditorium, where all countries presented the work that they had been doing, everything related with the company.
The meeting started with Italy, Bulgary, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and it finished with the presentation of Greece.
After  the meeting  at 13.30 we went to have lunch at school´s canteen and there we had lunch all together.
In the afternoon at 15.30 pm every student and teacher visited all the school and then we were devided in to two groups to do the workshop and marketing workshop activities. At 17.30 pm when we finished all activities each student was picked up by his/ her host family.

Thursday, June 19, 2014




Portugal, Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Bulgary and Spain  students and teachers, who form part of the project met in the Airport of Lisbon and at 22.30pm we took the bus all togheter to go to the Caldas Da Rainha, where the school of Portuguese parthers was. When we arrived to the town there  were host families waiting for us. The students went with the families and teachers to the hotel.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Last day of the trip, 7 of February

We meet at the Hotel reception at 4.15 a.m. to take the hired Taxi who carried us to the Sofia Airport. We take the plane at 6.05 a.m. and half hour later, the plane take off.
We arrived to the Frankfurt Airport two hours later, and we stay there waiting until 10 a.m. for the plane who will carry us back to Bilbao.

Once arrived in Bilbao, at 12 a.m., and after each one have taken his luggage, we took a bus who carried us to our home town.

Thursday, 6th of February of 2014.

One of the teams, explains their project of business.

The Thursday we start the day at 8.30am, we just wake up, take a shower and have the breakfast. After that at 9:00am we just start the meeting of our project with the other partners. In that meeting the Bulgarian partners talked about the: E-commerce, e-business…

Center of Sofia.
After that, we choose the logo and slogan of the company and we close this meeting doing an
activity mixing the teams of all the partners, the activity was about create the policies of the
kind of business that our different teams choose.

In the afternoon after the lunch, it was our last afternoon in Sofia so we choose to walk around
the city for a last time and buy the last gives that we forgot to buy.