Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Manel Torres, a Spanish fashion designer based in London for over a decade, has created a fabric spray that is applied and, according to its creator, "will revolutionize the concept of clothing. "
When Torres was 14 years ago to London to do a masters in fashion, began to feel the "need" to create a new tissue to allow him to "communicate something different " with their designs.
It was then that he began the first research laboratory to develop a fabric that could be applied in spray.
The usage is very simple: just apply the spray on exposed skin, so that the fibers are joined together and forming a fabric with the desired pattern whose thickness depends on the amount of product used.
The new fabric comes in different colors and is washable,
can be adjusted to the body or can be separated from the skin.
Fabric fibers, which can be recycled and used clothes and remain suspended in the spray or aerosol, are perfectly fused, so that the fabric is so consistent that it can even be washed.
The sprays can contain natural fiber fabrics such as wool, cotton or silk, or synthetic, like nylon, and the colors also vary, as well as applications that can be given to this innovation.
According to its creator, one of the advantages of this system is to allow the creation of "smart fabrics" with active particles include perfumes or medicines, in the case of medical bandages.
"It is also cheaper," said Torres, who is "anxious" to see how the industry receives the product and what applications are giving him in everyday life.
For Torres, improve endurance is one of the unfinished business of this invention, which has managed to move directly from the laboratory to the catwalk.

This is de future!


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