Thursday, January 20, 2011

The use of social networks for children has risks, but also advantages

The social networks help the teenagers to be more sociable, to be in touch with his enviroment, his friends and although its use has risks, and they know it, the bear, as are also many advantages and opportunities offered. These are some of conclusions that have been gained by the study of ``teenagers and the socials networks´´ which have been written by Xavier Bringué y Charo Sádaba, University of Navarra, which has been drawn from a representative sample of nearly 13,000 boys and girls between 6 and 18 years, 78 schools across Spain.
The sociological study concludes that more than a third of young children Spanish Internet has published and given a profile on a social network Tuenti is preferred, and 35% have more than one, which makes them user advanced communication tool.
The realization of this study has been supported by the Interactive Generations Forum, an organization that promotes the responsible use of new technologies to make "better people".The spanish teenagers who move easyly throuht the social networks, know that has some risks and also advantages.The study's authors appreciate the stakes in Messenger while it "has been displaced by the arrival of social networks is still a tool with some popularity" among minors. The risks of the messenger are to add to strangers to the list of contacts, and all contact "implies a possible relationship, " they warn.
In this study has been taken to account the relation, between the college marks and the use of the social networks. The 70% of users used advanced technology to support the study or homework, while 40% recognized that enter Tuenti, Facebook or other social network affects the time devoted to study. The use of social networks by children "is true" that intensifies family conflicts, almost always for your time, parents often find excessive, "but also, says the report, has brought"a greater awareness of parents and mothers to the proper use of screens or a higher degree of awareness of their potential or their risks. "


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