Monday, October 29, 2012

We are back again!

Good morning!
Welcome everyone to our blog, the best place to know about us and our interests, about the school and whatever interesting issues are going on around us.
We're first year students of Business & Finance, willing to share with you all the exciting journey of earning new skills, putting them into practice and, of course, enjoying  the experience along the way!
 Most of us are bilingual, we speak Basque and Spanish, our mother languages, and  being proud of our culture as we are, we'd love to share with you what it is like to live in The Basque Country in general and in Donostia-San Sebastian in particular. In the same way, we're smart enough to understand that the interaction of different people and different cultures is what really makes the journey of life enjoyable, exciting and worthy. Therefore, one of our objectives this year is to learn how to communicate in English to share with you all the experiences that will enrichen us. We'll be happy if you come to visit us and we are looking forward to knowing about you!
This is the beginning of the journey. We hope you enjoy it with us from now on! 

Zubiri Multilingual 2012/2013