Sunday, January 30, 2011

China plans a city 53 times larger than New York

While major European capitals are drowning in debt due to expansion and modernization, and while several cities in the U.S. are victims of neglect of its people, populations in China continue to grow.

The authorities responsible for urban planning in China plan to invest 303 billion dollars to create a megacity of 42 million people in the South East, reports the Telegraph. The megacity will the combination of nine cities that are established near the Pearl River Delta.

The most populated cities that will comprise this project are to Guangzhou, with 11.7 million inhabitants, and Shenzhen, with 8.9 million. A join them Dongguan (6.4), Foshan (5.4), Zhaoqing and Huizhou (3.9 each), plus Jiangmen (3.8), Zhongshan (2.4) and Zhuhai (1.5 .)

The areal extent of the new city will mean an area of over 16,000 square kilometers, about 53 times the size of the New York area. However, it would comprise only 10% of China's economy. Officials say that the management and administration of the megacity would have a special status as a city could not be considered in the conventional sense.

"The idea is that when cities are up, residents can travel freely and use health services and other facilities in different areas," said one of the leaders of the project.


The system of the barter gets in Spain

The business of the barter starts doing a hollow to him between the companies and individuals. Worldwide there are already a lot of commercial transactions that are realized by this long-lived system.

Little by little, the technology has been modifying the rules of the barter and increasingly companies sign to a system that can have many advantages.

This exchange is one of the big attractions for the SMEs and autonomous: it increases the liquidity of the small enterprises, since it allows them to buy products and services without having to resort to his treasury. For example, an attorney enters the network of one of these platforms and offers his services valued for 2.500 Euros. This quantity goes on to an account, similar to that of a bank, though the money cannot do cash to him. The attorney will be able to buy a portable computer, for 1.200 Euros to a company of computers and this one it will be able to spend the same quantity in furniture or in any other thing that he needs.

The logic of the business is simple, but ingenious in Internet platforms they are contacted and there are exchanged those products and services that they need for those who exceed them.
Another advantage of buying by this system is that ' the product with which you pay only has supposed the cost of production: it is like to buy always in sales, but without losing monetary liquidity.

In Spain, the offer has less tradition but it begins to win followers. They are several companies those that have realized the barter successfully

María José González


Pro Evolution Soccer, Grand Theft Car, Mario Bros, Sims, Fifa ... are video games very known between the teenagers.

They have done a study and the list is elaborated from the tastes of 450 Basque students between 11 and 18 years by Jose Inazio Imaz, teacher of the UPV/EHU in the Faculty of Philosophy and Sciences of the Education.

The sociologist has published the book ' Influence of the screen in the education: that the video games are not so bad as we believe but they can be very educational for the teenagers.

In the educational area the video games, televisions, Internet etc ... they can have a very important paper in the classrooms and serve of great help the young persons.

Mari Carmen

Friday, January 28, 2011

The unemployment rate, the highest since 1997

The total number of unemployed people stood at 4,696,600, a record in Spain. 2010 became the fourth year that increases the number of unemployed people.
Against the number of jobs lost, last year it was five times below the previous exercise scale unemployment rate to 20.3%, the highest since 1997. 2010 has finished with the highest unemployment rate in history, nearly 4,700,000 people.According the active population survey, unemployment rate returns to exceed 20 percent after the break that occurred during the third quarter. In 2010 which has risen more unemployment has been in the construction sector, followed by industry. The number of households with all members unemployed has risen again and are now more than 1,300,000. Unemployment rose 370,100 people in 2010 compared to 2009, 8.5% higher, reaching the total number of 4,696,600 unemployed people and the unemployment rate at 20.33%, which is 1.5 points higher than the previous year according to data from the Active population Survey issued by the National Statistics Institute (INE).
The unemployment rate reached its highest level and the comparable historical series, beginning in 2001. Going back earlier, using non-comparable series, not reached a percentage of this nature since the second quarter of 1997, when the unemployment rate came to stand at 20.72%. The number of unemployed, meanwhile, is also a record for the Spanish economy.


Arzak, Subijana, Berasategi and Aduriz, among the 20 most influential chefs in the world

Gipuzkoa chefs Andoni Luis Aduriz, Juan Mari Arzak, Martin and Pedro Subijana Berasategi listed the twenty most influential chefs in the world, which was published yesterday in the Madrid Fusion gastronomic summit international.
Rounding out the list of the Catalan Ferran Adrià and Joan Roca, Peruvian and Brazilian Acurio Alex Atala, the French Michel Bras, Alain Ducasse, Pierre Gagnaire, Joel Robuchon, the Italian Massimo BoTur cell lines, the Japanese Nobu Matsuhisa, Tetsuya Wakuda Yoshihiro Narisawa and ; the British Heston Blumenthal, the American Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz, and Denmark's Rene Redzepi.
These twenty essential to world cuisine has been voted by nearly a thousand international journalists accredited to this appointment, which will address the latest trends in cooking and take the pulse of an industry that seems to suffer in excess of the crisis economic.
Out of the list have been a dozen other international chefs, including Pascal Barbot, Denis Martin, Charlie Trotter, Denis Martin, Magnus Ek and José Andrés.
Following the election of the most influential, the IX edition of Madrid Fusion, which yesterday celebrated its last day, began to remove the table and folded tablecloths until next year. Along with the explosion of flavors Peruvian hand Acurio and the tempting food in the parallel meeting displayed Sweet Fusion, yesterday was focused on analyzing different business models for success in the world of gastronomy.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Germany wants to solve spanish problems

Merkel studies provide skilled jobs for unemployed young Spanish, with this method they want to solve part of its national deficit of skilled professionals, and simultaneously contribute to alleviating the high unemployment that hampers to Spain.
According to German media sources, this project of bilateral cooperation in the workplace is among the main themes of the German agenda for the next regular Spanish-German consultations scheduled for the February 3 in Madrid.
Berlin also plans to extend this proposal to other countries in southern and eastern Europe, mainly the most affected by the debt crisis and unemployment.
The German Government has reiterated on many occasions in recent months that requires thousands of skilled workers, especially in the field of engineering and telecommunications, to continue propelling its economic growth. Depending on the studies, Germany states between 500,000 and 800,000 new skilled employees.

Ion Ander

Javier Bardem nominated for Oscar for 'Biutiful'

The Spanish actor has been nominated for a second time for an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role. The 83rd edition of the Awards takes place this February 27th.
The King's Speech is the favorite at this year's Awards Gala, with 12 nominations. Inception and The Social Network have eight nominations each.
Spanish actor Javier Bardem has received his second Oscar nomination, this time in the Best Leading Actor category for Alejandro González Iñárritu's Biutiful, also nominated in the Best Foreign Language Film category.
The Social Network and The King's Speech both received nominations for Best Film, alongside Black Swan, The Fighter, Toy Story 3, Inception, The Kids Are All Right, 127 Hours, True Grit and Winter's Bone.
David Fincher and Tom Hooper have both been nominated in the Best Director category for their films The Social Network and The King's Speech respectively. They will compete with Darren Aronosfky, for Black Swan, Joel and Ethan Cohen, for True Grit, and David O.Russell for The Fighter.
Nominated alongside Bardem in the Best Actor in a Leading Role category are: Colin Firth for The King's Speech; Jesse Eisenberg for The Social Network; James Franco for 127 Hours; and Jeff Bridges for True Grit.
In the nominations for Best Leading Actress are: Annette Bening for The Kids Are All Right; Nicole Kidman for Rabbit Hole; Jennifer Lawrence for Winter's Bone; Natalie Portman for Black Swan; and Michelle Williams for Blue Valentine.The Oscars will be presented February 27th at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.
By Mónica

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trinidad Jiménez meets Hilary Clinton

The Spanish Foreign Minister,has expressed the closeness and understanding between the Governments of Spain and the United States. She expressed Spain’s support for the U.S. plans to close Guantanamo Bay.

The two women discussed about Latin America and the crisis in Tunisia. Clinton gave her support to the measures being taken by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in the face of the economic crisis. Clinton said that the United States government was following the effects of Zapatero’s reforms with great interest.

One other item which was discussed was the nuclear plutonium contamination which still remains at Palomares in Almería after the fall of four United States atomic bombs in the area in January 1966. Now the United States is undertaking to send a delegation to Spain to search for a solution.


Monday, January 24, 2011


At.Mosphere restaurant, 442 meters, was opened last night at the plant 122 of the Burj Dubai building in Dubai and thus became the highest in the world.

The restaurant is located two floors below the belvedere that crowns the pointed tower of the Burj Dubai, which with 828 meters high and 124 floors is the tallest building in the world.

The daily Gulf News reports that to get to sit at the tables of At.Mosphere, customers must take a direct lift and high speed has also broken records, being the elevator that travels the longest distance in the world.

The restaurant opened a year after its inauguration the Burj Dubai, has capacity for 210 people and has private dining rooms.

All exterior walls of the dining room and the kitchen are made of glass and allow customers to enjoy the view of the Persian Gulf while you enjoy the food at high altitude.

The 'chef' Cheer Dwayne, who has worked in Michelin starred restaurants for thirteen years, has designed a menu he describes as "contemporary grill" and is based on fresh produce, especially fish and seafood.

In addition, the letter can be found incoming and veal scallops with grilled cheese, main dishes such as ribs or beef stewed pear dessert.

Thus, incoming prices ranging from 30 to 100 dollars and the main courses cost from 49 to $ 160. Gulf News reports that the minimum cost for dinner is $ 122.

The chairman of Emaar Properties, the company that manages the building, said in a statement that the restaurant is "an experiment, the first of its kind" and expressed confidence that "is a favorite destination for customers around the world. "


Sunday, January 23, 2011


It is a hypothesis that affirms that many international maneuvers take place to support the current system of fiduciary currency in which the importance of the American dollar decides for the fact that the prices of many goods as for example the energy, the oil and the gas, name in dollars. Due to the fact that many countries guard big quantities of dollars as reservations, these can be used to buy these goods without the need of conversion of currencies. If the name of the prices of the goods they were changing to another currency, for example the Euro, many countries would sell the dollars causing a displacement of the reservations to this currency. In agreement with the law of offer and demand this would debilitate to the dollar.

In this moment The currencies have turned into an important protectionist weapon to support the economic recovery. To no country he is interested in these moments in a strong currency since it would reduce competitiveness to his products and, therefore, it would ballast his exports.

Like that, exhausted the packages of stimulus, the countries start taking measurements to protect his currencies before a dollar and a yuan increasingly devaluated, that favors his exports. The Dollar is in minimums of 15 years with regard to the yen and of eight months with the Euro (1,40 units).

Brazil and Japan have controlled, without success, his coins to try to stop his strengthening. In addition, the Japanese Government has created a bottom of 60.000 million dollars to buy assets.For your part, the EU and the USA have asked, also without success, to China to estimate the yuan and, even more, when his devaluation is artificial.

Germany also has intervened in this war, not uselessly, the country is net exporting.

Spain lives through this situation with on the one hand, his commercial scale is inverse to that of the European locomotive, with what he benefits from cheaper purchases and, in addition, it is " very dependent on the oil prices "

In the medium term the principal world economies will have to reach an agreement to prevent that this war, which can end for harming the world growth in his set.
" A war of currencies supposes the increase of protectionist temptations that are not not favorable at all in the current point of the cycle, where the uncertainty still is raised ",


Thursday, January 20, 2011

UCE considers "abusive"the increase in the price of a liter of gasoline

Consumers Union of Spain (UCE) has deemed "abusive" the rise in the price of a liter of petrol and has shown its concern that this increase "can act as a trigger for escalation of prices due to the place of oil as in the production chain and in the process of transportation and distribution of certain consumer goods. "

the association found that this increase "threatens the consumer's pocket, with the increases of the electricity bills,gas,price of food and transportation´´.
The price per liter of gasoline has reached 1.285 euros, representing an increase of 1.6% in just one week to a record high, according to data collected by Europa Press from the Oil Bulletin of the European Union (EU).

The level this week than the previous maximum of 1,276 euros per liter, marked in July 2008, just two months before the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and when fuel prices were rising oil wrap , which marked that summer his record $ 147 a barrel.
In the case of diesel per liter this week surpassed the 1.2 euros for the first time since the second half of 2008 stood at 1.217 euros, still below the record high of 1.329 euros per liter.

Mari Carmen

The use of social networks for children has risks, but also advantages

The social networks help the teenagers to be more sociable, to be in touch with his enviroment, his friends and although its use has risks, and they know it, the bear, as are also many advantages and opportunities offered. These are some of conclusions that have been gained by the study of ``teenagers and the socials networks´´ which have been written by Xavier Bringué y Charo Sádaba, University of Navarra, which has been drawn from a representative sample of nearly 13,000 boys and girls between 6 and 18 years, 78 schools across Spain.
The sociological study concludes that more than a third of young children Spanish Internet has published and given a profile on a social network Tuenti is preferred, and 35% have more than one, which makes them user advanced communication tool.
The realization of this study has been supported by the Interactive Generations Forum, an organization that promotes the responsible use of new technologies to make "better people".The spanish teenagers who move easyly throuht the social networks, know that has some risks and also advantages.The study's authors appreciate the stakes in Messenger while it "has been displaced by the arrival of social networks is still a tool with some popularity" among minors. The risks of the messenger are to add to strangers to the list of contacts, and all contact "implies a possible relationship, " they warn.
In this study has been taken to account the relation, between the college marks and the use of the social networks. The 70% of users used advanced technology to support the study or homework, while 40% recognized that enter Tuenti, Facebook or other social network affects the time devoted to study. The use of social networks by children "is true" that intensifies family conflicts, almost always for your time, parents often find excessive, "but also, says the report, has brought"a greater awareness of parents and mothers to the proper use of screens or a higher degree of awareness of their potential or their risks. "


A powerful black hole threatens our galaxy

A huge black hole, which has the size of 6600 millions times the size of our sun is next to our galaxy `` Milky way´´. It can be the first time in the Human History that we can have the option to see a black hole only using an amateur telescope.For the first time, astronomers from the University of Texas at Austin (USA) have managed to take measures of this giant. This black hole has the honour of be the most enormous has been measured, due to his size it could have the capacity to swallow the solar system.To get an idea of its grandeur, just goes without saying that the event horizon of M87 is about three times larger than Pluto's orbit, enough to engulf our entire solar system.
To discover the dimensions of this giant, the team used the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii eight-meter telescope and the Harlan J. Smith's McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas.Measure a black hole as massive sheds light on the formation of galaxies and perhaps will, in future, see with our own eyes the actual appearance of something that has already managed to occupy our imaginations.

Ion Ander

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Basque recive medical advice by telephone

The health service of the Basque Country Osakidetza, is going to finish the incorporation of the telephonic service. This service allows you medical advice by the nursing staff and gives primary management appointments.
In 2012 this service is at your disposal. Apart from this, the advices and the quotes are not the only thing that the service offers. The services are going to increase: reminders, health alerts, administrative procedures, information on the health system, etc.
The system is specially oriented to the patients who have chronic disease. For patients who act from their houses and other patients who receive the telephonic advices will not have to go to health centers or hospital.


A bug in the San Marcos landfill, Donostialdea expands

The stench has been seen especially in places near the landfill, as Renteria, Pasajes and Lezo and neighborhoods Altza Donostia, Herrera and Intxaurrondo. The smell came to the Hospital Donostia, where on Saturday afternoon was the most frequent comment from patients and relatives.
The landfill has a plant that converts methane generated in the putrefaction of the waste into electricity. That methane is transported to the plant by underground pipes, that `s the reason of the smell.


San Sebastian celebrates its patron's day with the Tamborrada

As the clocks ring in San Sebastian Day, thousands of members of the city's gastronomic societies fill the air with the sound of their drumming - and for 24 hours they just don't stop.

Shortly before midnight on Tuesday 19th January, hundreds of curious first-timers and loyal die-hards will gather to witness the start of the most important, if peculiar, celebration on the San Sebastian calendar.

From midnight to midnight on 20th January every year, come what may, men and women dressed in military or chefs' uniforms perform a drum march through the streets of this seaside town in commemoration of a time when local residents supposedly mocked parading Napoleonic troops by banging loudly on cauldrons.

Despite its seemingly parodic origins, however, the people of San Sebastian take this ritual drum-banging - known as the "Tamborrada" - very seriously.

What is best known about the history of the Tamborrada is that little is known for certain, due to a lack of records from the time of its creation. There is, however, no lack of theories regarding its origins:

Many link the birth of the Tamborrada to a time when San Sebastian was a stronghold dominated by Napoleonic troops. It is certainly likely that bakers and female water carriers mocked the troops by striking barrels or cauldrons in imitation of military drumming.

What is certain is that by the nineteenth century, the spirit of carnival had taken root in the celebrations for San Sebastian Day. Several groups had formed, such as the Valencian Blind People's Masquerade and the Gardeners Group, in 1817, and the Coppersmith group the following year.

The Tamborrada was probably created in 1836 at the height of the Carlist Wars. In 1861, it gained a significant boost thanks to the composition of Raimundo Sarriegui's "Marcha de San Sebastián" (San Sebastian March) which remains the festival's anthem to this day
By Mónica

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The law against of smoking

Since the law of no smoking in public places enter into force, the bars are losing a lot of benefits and clients.

The bars complain about the clients that go out to smoke and leave with out pay. This does not happen with the usual clients. But before this law this situations rarely passed.

The irish hoteliers were the first who complained this problem when the law was implemented in Ireland.

Complains pile up because of the decreasing of the clients and benefits. And we have not notice that anyone have any increase in its business.

Before the law enter into force the federation made some statistics of the losts. They said that the fall was going to be -5 percent in the restaurants, -10 percent in bars and -15 percent in the nightlife.

The worst is that they don't do any mistake, the statistics don`t lie.


Electronic recipe

The electronic recipe will be arrive in all the Basque pharmacy in 2012. The deparment of health service will give 2 millions euros to the project. With that will eliminate all the paper recipe and will provide to the pharmacies to give all the data information about the medicines through the information tecnology. When this project get ready the patient just have to go to the doctor and then go to any pharmacies and after session with the health card pharmaceutic will give the medicine.

By Mónica

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The german economy grows up

The IBP grows 3,6 %, the most importe increase in 20 years.

The strength of the exports and the notable recovery of the demand are the principal reason of the strong growth. This strong growth of the country has carried a strong increase of the labor occupation, which reached last year a historical maximum.
The Department of German Economy thinks that with the decrease of the unemployment and the increase of the salary they are laid the foundations for an internal robust demand that establishes an economic healthy long-term growth.
In spite of the advance of the , the official calculations anticiped that the German economy will not recover until ends of this year the levels to which he was before the financial global crisis.

Let's hope that this increased of the economic moved to the rest of countries affected by the financial crisis

María José González

More than one hundred of people died due to the rains

Nova Friburgo Teresopolis and tonight have been hard hit by the water, recording at least 139 people dead and dozens missing.Both cities are under water, without electricity and cut off by land. Only manage to get the helicopters and military police.In Teresopolis rains did overwhelm a dam that stream all that was finding its way, houses and cars.
The water caused 30 landslides. In one of them, in Nova Friburgo, buried four firefighters were killed and three are still buried, while trying to save others and under the rubble. This time ordinary people trying in vain to save the lives of firefighters.In both cities, hurt by the rain fell in less than 24 hours as much water as expected for the month and they're mountain villages, a thousand feet, where it rains a lot and regularly. The authorities in both Nova Friburgo Teresopolis as have declared a state of public calamity.

Mari Carmen


There has been floods in Australia and the situation is critical. The poor situation of the cities around the rivers, causes the mobilization of 2 millions of inhabitants more or less. The flooding of the rivers this week is expected to be between 4 or 5 meters with its attendant of the risk to be more floods. In the center of the city's entrances were blocked indefinitely and was inteupted electric service, while they were closed all public offices. The number of people killed so far in the wake of recent floods reaches 12, but warned rescue groups thet are at least 30 while 43 remain missing. Since November were 22 fatalities due to bad weather, according to official reports.



As the IMF says the world can't afore another finantial crisis owing to the fact that the inhabitants doesn't have the enough money to face off another critical situation. The IMF produced a report about the main implications or results of the crisis. On the one hand, nowadays the society has less conection and each person only care about themselves and on the other other hand, we are not seeing initiatives by governments to impove this situation. The report also explains that if we continue with this problem, the differences between the rich and poor people will increase and the solution for it have to be global improvement based on the confidence of the costumers.

Ion Ander


Manel Torres, a Spanish fashion designer based in London for over a decade, has created a fabric spray that is applied and, according to its creator, "will revolutionize the concept of clothing. "
When Torres was 14 years ago to London to do a masters in fashion, began to feel the "need" to create a new tissue to allow him to "communicate something different " with their designs.
It was then that he began the first research laboratory to develop a fabric that could be applied in spray.
The usage is very simple: just apply the spray on exposed skin, so that the fibers are joined together and forming a fabric with the desired pattern whose thickness depends on the amount of product used.
The new fabric comes in different colors and is washable,
can be adjusted to the body or can be separated from the skin.
Fabric fibers, which can be recycled and used clothes and remain suspended in the spray or aerosol, are perfectly fused, so that the fabric is so consistent that it can even be washed.
The sprays can contain natural fiber fabrics such as wool, cotton or silk, or synthetic, like nylon, and the colors also vary, as well as applications that can be given to this innovation.
According to its creator, one of the advantages of this system is to allow the creation of "smart fabrics" with active particles include perfumes or medicines, in the case of medical bandages.
"It is also cheaper," said Torres, who is "anxious" to see how the industry receives the product and what applications are giving him in everyday life.
For Torres, improve endurance is one of the unfinished business of this invention, which has managed to move directly from the laboratory to the catwalk.

This is de future!



Her name is Brooke Greenberg, she is17 years old and a rare disease prevents her growing. Still retains "milk" teeth, weighs just over 7 kilos and measured 75 centimeters.

Doctors have not yet been diagnosed with the disease, Brooke lives trapped in the body of a baby, at age 17. His case has led experts to direct their gaze to the keys of genetics to decipher the aging of the human body.

Brooke has suffered several health problems that have put their lives at risk, such as stroke, spasms and respiratory difficulties, this is because despite his aging body is not present outside their organs deteriorate over time.


San Sebastian Day approaches

The day of San Sebastian is a traditional festival celebrated on January 20 in San Sebastian (Basque country/Spain), in which different companies drummed throughout the day for all San Sebastian.

The party starts
at midnight on May 19 at the "Plaza La Constitucion" with the raising of the flag of the city. Gaztelubide society and representatives of other drumming began to play the March of San Sebastián, Raimundo Sarriegui teacher and other compositions: Diana, Retreat, Tatiago, Iriyarena, cavalry of old, etc. One hundred companies made up between 20 and 50 drums and 50 to 100 barrels parade through all the neighborhoods of the
city by day 20. Always accompanied by a brass band.

Participants in the tamborrada are divided into two groups: the drummers (who play the drum) and the chefs / water carriers. The first dress uniform of a body of an army of the Napoleonic era. The second group play instruments that have the same sound: the barrel and the bucket, respectively. They also participate pioneers, champions and bartenders.

Childrens have at the morning of that day her child tamborrada, which begins in the gardens of Alderdi Eder and go around the main streets of the city. Among them they choose the general and his assistants,La Bella Easo child and her maids of honor.

The day continues until 12 pm on January 20, when the city meets again in the "Plaza la Constitucion" around tamborrada of "Union Artesana" (the oldest society of the city.)

During these 24 hours of holiday prizes delivered the most important award such as "Tambor de Oro" and five Medals of "Mérito Ciudadano de San Sebastián".