Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Bank of Spain has closed the branch in San Sebastian on May 31

The Bank of Spain has closed the branch in San Sebastian on May 31

The Bank of Spain announced yesterday the closure of seven of its 22 branches, one of which is located on Garibay's Road, San Sebastian (see DV 9 August), May 31, 2011 with the aim of "improving efficiency" of financial and human resources available.
Also they are going to close the offices of Ceuta, Melilla, Logroño, Pamplona, Santander and Toledo, which are those with less activity, according to the Bank of Spain.
Therefore, from June 2011 the entity will have fifteen branches: Alicante, Badajoz, Barcelona, Bilbao, A Coruña, Las Palmas, Malaga, Murcia, Oviedo, Palma, Seville, Tenerife, Valencia, Valladolid and Zaragoza.
The activity of the seven branches will close accounts for only 9.3% of the total network because its operations with credit institutions are very restricted, as well as individuals who have alternative channels, or postal mail Internet-to steps such as buying debt or making complaints against banks. The closures will not involve layoffs, as the 58 people working in seven offices may request a transfer to other offices.


Friday, November 12, 2010

The Prices of the damages

Damages in Donostia amounted to over one million euros. The worst hit area was the Paseo Nuevo, where they will have to spend 701,500 euros.
Damage from the storm that struck the Bay of Biscay on Tuesday will cost the City of San Sebastian alot of money. To repair everything that was swept away by the huge waves that hit the city will cost, in a first estimate and regardless of VAT, 1,041,400 euros. Far from definitive, this will increase even more because it still lacks destruction of value, as those who have suffered some concession units.
As always, much of that money will go to the Paseo Nuevo, which seems to have suffered from a battle between nature and man's work. Retrieving the ride will cost at least 701,500 euros. Of this, most will cover the traditional tunnel that the sea created during the great storm. This will cost around 400,000 euros, although it is unclear whether through contributions or the City Council Building.
The restoration of the previous tunnel, which was created during the storm of March 11, 2008 and on this occasion has withstood the effects of waves, cost 100,000 euros. The amounts are also high at the time of budgeting the necessary work to repair the pavement (75,000 euros), remove the lumps of rock (50,000), replace 30 banks (25,000) and tidy up the area (25,000).
These figures do not represent the cost of repair of the Paseo Nuevo only. In order for San Sebastian to be completely repaired, it must also replace the bins (7,000 euros), install temporary fencing (7,000), restore the balustrade (6,500), fix the lighting equipment (5,000) and replace the coping destroyed or wall coverings (1,000). In addition, repair the toilets, which has been quite unfavorably, it will cost 17,000 euros. And there is still an extensive evaluation of sea walls and promenade, as well as the slopes.
In Ondarreta, repairing the beach cabins will about 102,800 euros, in the absence of a more detailed study. In the same area, rebuilding the stone wall and playground, and the relocation of benches and bins will cost 34,000 euros.
Santa Clara
Santa Clara Island is under revision, but the temporal experience of 2008 suggests that municipal technicians will be needed to clean up, costing 100,000 euros. In another symbolic part, the Peine del Viento, 41,000 euros will be needed to rebuild the platform destroyed by the waves, reposition the batter and replace the pavement.
In the Zurriola, remove the sand in the hallway outside the cabins, clean the inside and replace the windows; 14,800 euros, while replacing seven banks at the pier will cost 3,000, to replace the broken rail bridge Zurriola - 1,000 euros. A somewhat smaller amount, 17,500 euros, will repair the toilets in the area of the Kursaal. And much less the amount necessary to relocate the rail on the bridge of María Cristina (3,000 euros), replace the balustrade of the Paseo de Salamanca and Aldamar (2,000 euros) and repair the coping on the Paseo de France (1,000).


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The crazy weather of our city

The powerfull storm that hit Basque country on Tuesday resulted in property damage in several coastal towns.

Amongst other events, the aggressive storm caused a huge hole-20 by 15 meters in the "Paseo Nuevo" of San Sebastian or a release of 70 meters froms the parapet of "Oreaga" ( Getxo).
The waves reached 9 meters on average at most sites, in "Matxitxako" saw some of up to 16 meters. Experts say that the phenomen the morning before, was like a small tsunami.


Monday, November 8, 2010

20,000 years of lives lost in laboral accidents in Euskadi

An study of Osalan notes that young men and men who are more than 45 years have the most risk of dying an accident related to work.
Every time this figure is going down and it shows that the more common causes are factors like the sector, the age, the sex and the contract type.
To work in the primary sector is the most dangerous. In this sector the risk of having a fatal or serious accident is 2,5 times more in the construction. And 6 times more in the service sector or in industry.
Anyway men who are more than 45 years have the best claims in all the sectors.
Be careful boys because you are in danger!!!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Enel Green Power

Enel Green Power will begin trading today on the stock exchange of Milan and Madrid at nine o'clock. It is an unusual hour for IPOs in Spain as they usually start at 12 in the morning. They will begin trading at this time in order to coincide with Milan and Madrid. Finally, the subsidiary "green" Enel will bring at 32.5% of its capital, after the underwriters have decided to exercise their right of "green shoe" and have been encouraged to buy 210 million shares, an amount equal to 4.2%. Of that 32.5% of the capital, retailers and private investors have bought 28.3%.The company will begin trading at 1.6 euros per share.

Immigration politics of Sarkozy

Immigration politics of Sarkozy has approved the payment of a fee of 30 euros per year for those "illegal immigrants" who wants to be treated by a doctor of public health. This initiative, which has been approved on Tuesday, takes refuge, also, in the politics to cut public spending to ensure the operation of public health.

Iñaki Benavente

Unemployment in Guipuzcoa

The unemployment returned to increase in October in Gipuzkoa for the fifth month and it did it also in mber with more than 372 unemployed people having be registered in the offices of the Public Service of Employment, Inem. A number that supposes more of the double of the increase registered in September, which belonged 176 unemployed people.

The numbers of unemployed people in the Public Service of Employment are much higher than those of the EPA, that realizes the National Institute of Statistics.

In the Basque Country the trend is the same, with 1.796 more unemployed people.


The three times champion of the world died because of "Dengue"

Andy Irons (Oahu, Hawaii, 1978) was, since I can remember, an appendage of the rolling seas of the planet.
Enjoyed and did enjoy the surfing community of nature, and this, I knew, they say, has wanted this week make him the example of human vulnerability to it. What you could do with imposing waves has, allegedly, with a tiny mosquito.
Aedes aegypti, is called the bug murderer, is attributed Irons transmission of dengue virus that has killed the Hawaiian myth, found dead Tuesday in a Dallas hotel. The insect is typically located where there is standing water and clean, pools, uncovered containers and abandoned containers pots, discarded tires or water sinks yards. The family of the deceased believed to have contracted the virus during the Rip Curl contest in Puerto Rico.
According to their loved ones to be affected by a high fever, spent two days in Miami being treated, but insisted on returning to his home (the Hawaiian island of Kauai) to be examined by his personal physician. On the way, he felt worse and could not take the flight stopover in Dallas, staying at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Its employees was found dead on Tuesday. He was 32 years old, married and with his wife eight months pregnant.
Pending an autopsy, the extended version has also found competition in the other scenarios that overshadow the end of one of the brightest stars in the history of surfing. The average 'Honolulu Advertiser Star' has been confirmed in the last hours that have been found traces of methadone and other substances, painkillers and sleeping pills "in the room where they found his body. Some sources have linked the case of drugs with athlete's own past statements that he confessed at some point be fighting "demons."
Another world-class rider, Owen Wright, said the newspaper 'The Australian' that many surfers could also be sick and described the symptoms as extreme fatigue, fever and headache. Would be a total of five: Davidson, Travis Logie and Kalani Miller, along with Wright himself and the late Iron.
According to WHO, with appropriate medical treatment, the mortality rate for dengue can be reduced to less than one thousand. However, in a small proportion of cases is experienced dengue shock syndrome, which, left unattended, can cause death within four to eight hours.
Three world titles
The champion will start a wave of performances in the next few hours but will admire his legacy on the table: three world titles (2002, 2003 and 2004), $ 1,223,033 in prize money and won twenty major events.
In 2004 Billabong produced a film about her figure, 'Blue Horizon', which stood out as the best surfer of all time. He became so dear to the governor of Hawaii ruled in 2003 that on February 13 would be 'The Andy Irons day'.


More troubles for banking stocks

Yesterday the stock market in spain had a big decrease in two quotes ( BBVA and Santander) with 3.52% and 3.45% respectively. It was caused because the BBVA bought a Turkish bank and the brokers are not very confident with this news and the Santanders CEO in Great Britain went to work with another bank. But this was not the only problem yesterday in the stock market, due to we are waiting for the decision for the Federal Reserve, it is spected that they will invest 600000 million in the bank system buying goverment bonds. It is calculated that this two banks moved at about 1002.84 million euros.
But there were also two good news in USA. In september the orders to the factories increased and index of service sector activity.

Ion Ander

The debate between proponents and opponents of the bulls is more than ever on the street. In Spain, the taurine herds occupy an area of 540,000 hectares and the bull runs generate a turnover of 2,500 million euros every year. Bullfights are still the basis of many popular festivals, in major fairs a high percentage of places is still packing. In fact, the bulls is the second most watched show in Spain after football.

The proponets presented in his defense that the bull is a unique especies would be lost if it was not designet by and bullfighting because their productivity is nil and the coust of their upbringing is very high. They beleave bullfighting is an art.

The encahausted opponents , like me, consider that the bull is a breed that could survive without the man raising like other multiple species. The United Nations Educational and Cultural Organitation, UNESCO, defines the act of fighting as " terrible and venal art of torturing and killing animals in public; ir is a challenge, morality, education, science and culture". UNESCO should be taken into account and colling for the abolition of what they consider a bloody whow.

Tradition or murder? culture or cruelty?