Sunday, January 30, 2011

China plans a city 53 times larger than New York

While major European capitals are drowning in debt due to expansion and modernization, and while several cities in the U.S. are victims of neglect of its people, populations in China continue to grow.

The authorities responsible for urban planning in China plan to invest 303 billion dollars to create a megacity of 42 million people in the South East, reports the Telegraph. The megacity will the combination of nine cities that are established near the Pearl River Delta.

The most populated cities that will comprise this project are to Guangzhou, with 11.7 million inhabitants, and Shenzhen, with 8.9 million. A join them Dongguan (6.4), Foshan (5.4), Zhaoqing and Huizhou (3.9 each), plus Jiangmen (3.8), Zhongshan (2.4) and Zhuhai (1.5 .)

The areal extent of the new city will mean an area of over 16,000 square kilometers, about 53 times the size of the New York area. However, it would comprise only 10% of China's economy. Officials say that the management and administration of the megacity would have a special status as a city could not be considered in the conventional sense.

"The idea is that when cities are up, residents can travel freely and use health services and other facilities in different areas," said one of the leaders of the project.


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