Monday, January 24, 2011


At.Mosphere restaurant, 442 meters, was opened last night at the plant 122 of the Burj Dubai building in Dubai and thus became the highest in the world.

The restaurant is located two floors below the belvedere that crowns the pointed tower of the Burj Dubai, which with 828 meters high and 124 floors is the tallest building in the world.

The daily Gulf News reports that to get to sit at the tables of At.Mosphere, customers must take a direct lift and high speed has also broken records, being the elevator that travels the longest distance in the world.

The restaurant opened a year after its inauguration the Burj Dubai, has capacity for 210 people and has private dining rooms.

All exterior walls of the dining room and the kitchen are made of glass and allow customers to enjoy the view of the Persian Gulf while you enjoy the food at high altitude.

The 'chef' Cheer Dwayne, who has worked in Michelin starred restaurants for thirteen years, has designed a menu he describes as "contemporary grill" and is based on fresh produce, especially fish and seafood.

In addition, the letter can be found incoming and veal scallops with grilled cheese, main dishes such as ribs or beef stewed pear dessert.

Thus, incoming prices ranging from 30 to 100 dollars and the main courses cost from 49 to $ 160. Gulf News reports that the minimum cost for dinner is $ 122.

The chairman of Emaar Properties, the company that manages the building, said in a statement that the restaurant is "an experiment, the first of its kind" and expressed confidence that "is a favorite destination for customers around the world. "


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