Thursday, April 29, 2010


The WISHES Networking Days

They are an effective networking event to promote and engage within a high potential network and thus offer an effective way to sustainably initiate new co-operations in European funding schemes – sustainably realizing networking potentials.
Based on the individual and institutional offerings and desires as submitted upon registration the WISHES IT based matching application will automatically match and recommend high potential cooperating partners towards each other. This virtual matching enables the conference participants to effectively single out and identify high potential cooperating partners long before meeting them onsite. Thus, potentially interesting cooperating partners will be identified prior to the conference, resulting in the possibilities to prepare potential face-to-face meetings onsite in due time. Thus, these IT based pre-conference activities ensure a successful conference participation – even before arrival!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

VIII Festival of Cinema and Human Rights

27 feature films, 14 short films, 8 exhibitions and various side events will be held from the 23rd of April to the 30th of April.
The film "Honeymoons" (2009), by Goran Paskaljevic, will be the responsible of opening this year, on April 23, the Eighth Festival of Cinema and Human Rights in San Sebastian at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre.
At the opening session, Serbian filmmaker will receive the Outstanding Film Festival and Human Rights throughout his career. In the other hand, "Soundtrack for a Revolution" (2009), by the Americans Bill Guttentag and Dan Sturman, will close the festival on the 30th of April.


Return from the traffic jam

After 6 days of air chaos, all the airports are open again.

There aren't any cancelled flights!!

This volcano has had all of people from Europe unable to fly. This has provoked that many people had to "search for life" to return home.

Searching the internet we had found a funny story of how a student arrived home (spanish version):

Eva & Edurne

Friday, April 16, 2010

Assignment 5

Today, our english assistant, Michael, finally gave us the marks of our last assignment. The assignment was about the exchange rate. We were working in pairs and each team was given a different country.
We were investigating the exchange rate of the countries and how they were affected by the financial crisis.
This work was quite hard because we have never been studying economy so closely. Thanks to our hard work and patient we have made a good report!
Zhanna & Edurne

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to school

We are back from holidays. We are nervious because the course is running out. So, we have to work harder than ever.
There are only less than two months to finish this. Now is the moment when we put our course in risk.
We have to work hard. Cheer up!!