Thursday, January 13, 2011

The law against of smoking

Since the law of no smoking in public places enter into force, the bars are losing a lot of benefits and clients.

The bars complain about the clients that go out to smoke and leave with out pay. This does not happen with the usual clients. But before this law this situations rarely passed.

The irish hoteliers were the first who complained this problem when the law was implemented in Ireland.

Complains pile up because of the decreasing of the clients and benefits. And we have not notice that anyone have any increase in its business.

Before the law enter into force the federation made some statistics of the losts. They said that the fall was going to be -5 percent in the restaurants, -10 percent in bars and -15 percent in the nightlife.

The worst is that they don't do any mistake, the statistics don`t lie.


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