Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Yesterday was the National Lottery, and the winner number was 79250.

Our class has made a raffle of a pony and the winner number of our raffle is the four last number of the National Lottery. Until the moment the winner doesn't appear but we are waiting for it.

Today is our last day until the Christmas holidays we want to wish you merry Christmas and happy new year, enjoy your holidays with your family and friends. See you newt year.

Friday, December 10, 2010


The tobacco prices have risen due the increasing taxes approved by the Council of Ministers.
It is anticipated that the tax increase as much as possible in tobacco and hydrocarbons enter more or less a total of 1000 million euros.
In the case of tobacco is specified in a specific tax rate increase, which went from 8.2 to 10.2 euros per 1,000 cigarettes and the minimum tax, which rises up to 91.3 euros 21.3 euros per 1,000 cigarettes.
The best selling brand of tobacco passes from EUR 3.10 to 3.29.
In the opinion of smokers said that the increase is amazing as this seems to be an armed robbery.
With the increasing of tobacco more than half of the population is going to quit smoking.


Spain again under suspection

Marta Dominguez, the spanish world champion in athletics and the vice president of the spanish athletic federation, was arrested yesterday in Palencia because of selling doping products.
It´s not the first time that this happens in the spanish sport. In the last few years it happens many times that spain was under suspection.
Does Spain now has to give up all the sport titles??


Eukararen eguna

In honor of “Euskal eguna” the day of the Basque language on the 3rd of December, we are going to do a short reminder of the origin of the language.
The Basque language is one of the oldest language in Europe. It is not known when it was created, just that it originates in Basque Country and Navarra. After carrying out many studies on the origin of the language, nothing was found, they only concluded that it doesn't come from the Latin language or any other language.
Around the time when Romans conquered Spain, this language already existed and it wasn't lost because of the mountainous geography. This didn't let the Romans enter the Basque Country.
Over the years this language has suffered many attempts of extinction. For example, when the dictator Franco was in charge of Spain, speaking Euskera was forbidden. But thanks to the persistence of the inhabitants the language has survived.

Monica and Saioa

Friday, December 3, 2010


Franco garaian euskaraz hitz egitea debakatua zegoen, bere ustetan euskaraz edo beste dialektoak.Euskaraz hitz egiten zuten orok atxilotuak edo besterik gabe desargetzen ziren. Bizitza horrela izan zen 36 urte bitartean baina 1975. urtean Franco hil egin zen eta 3 urte beranduago demokraziaren lehen botaketak egin ziren UCD-ko burua, Adolfo Suarez presindentea ateraz.Urte honetan Athletic eta Errealeko kapitainak ikurriña eramanaz atotxako futbol zelaira atera ziren, esan behar dugu Franco hilda ere ikurriña oraindik legetik at zegoela.

During the time of Franco(1939-1975) it was forbidden to speak Basque because he wanted to realize his ideas of a Spanish speaking country without any other dialects. People who spoke Basque were sent to prison or just disappeared. In 1975 Franco died and 3 years later the first democratic elections took place and Adolfo Suarez was elected as president of UCD. In the same year the captains of Bilbao and Real Sociedad entered the football field of Atotxa with an ikurriña, we have to remember that it was forbidden at that time.

Cynthia and Ion Ander

Gaur Abenduaren 3a, euskararen aguna ospatzen da, ospakizun berezia da euskara baita Europako hizkuntza guztietatik zaharrena, hain da zaharra, zein ez dakigun bere jatorria, beraz erabili ahal dugunak pribilegiatuak sentitu gaitezke.

Today, 3rd December, is the day of Basque language, this celebration is special because Basque language is the oldest in the Europe. It is so old that we do not know its origin,so the people who can speak it can feel privileged.


The Internacional day of Basque language

1970an, Euskara batua sortu zen, Euskal herrian bizi diren biztanle guztiek elkar ulertzeko.
Esan dezakegu, nahiz eta euskara batua eduki, oraindikan Euskal Herriko herri desberdinetan ez dela erabiltzen euskara batua, ohituragatik, beste euskara batean aritzen direlako.
Lehen debekatuta zegoen euskaraz hitzegitea ikastoletan, baino gaur egun ``bultzatuak´´ sentitzen gera ohitura ez galtzearren. Horretarako atzerritarrei laguntzak ematen diete euskara bultzatua izan dadin, euskal hizkuntz bezela hazi dadila.

In 1970, a common Basque language was created for all the people from the Basque Country to understand each other.
In the towns they use different dialects of Basque even though they have a common one.
Some years ago it was forbidden to talk in Basque, but nowadays in schools they help you to start speaking in Basque. That's why foreign people are learning to speak Basque now.

Maria Carmen, Maria Jose y Borja

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The museum Chillida - Leku has requested the process of regulation of temporary employment (ERE) and has reminded us of the closing of the museum, from January 1st 2011, as was reported in a communique.

Chillida's family have made the decision, being motivated by the situation of "deficit appellant" that, "as a practical totality" in museums of artistic work, the museum suffers and which has been aggravated by the general economic crisis, "shooting the deficit numbers to unattainable levels from the perspective of a private initiative.

Nevertheless, it has been indicated that they will continue to carry out all those parallel activities that get the public out of a jam themselves, with independence of the closing, since they are the conservation of the art heritage.

Mary and Cynthia


Some countries of the European community (Spain, Greece, Portugal and Ireland) that have been affected the worst with the crisis, have common characteristics that lead us to think that there are factors which were marked at the moment of confronting it.

In short we can say that these common factors are, low taxes, a major social inequality with respect of the European average.

The principal reason for this crisis was the debt of the families establishing as endorsement the housing, the banking was expanding and