Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cosmobelleza & Wellness, your professional meeting Hairdressing, Aesthetics and Wellness

Internationalization, training and business are the three bets with that part Cosmobelleza Group to create a platform that contributes to the momentum and the engine of the beauty market in Spain, and serves as a hub and meeting point for exhibitors and professionals from around the world.

It seeks, year after year, reflecting the globalization of knowledge, products and services to achieve, together, the total professionalism of the sectors that make up the beauty.

Dosed work, day after day, through any medium of communication that are Cosmobelleza Group allows you to find the keys necessary to provide the best training for professionals attending the International Beauty Salon & Wellness Cosmobelleza looking for specific knowledge and trends promote and position your business:

• Congress of Aesthetics
• Spa and Wellness Days
• Classrooms Barber Shop

• Technical Board of Barber
• Technical Chamber of Aesthetics
• Body Make-up Competition
• Hair Fashion Catwalk Barcelona
• Nail Demonstration Zone
• A day with the Franchise

All actions carried out by Group Cosmobelleza intangibles with manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers around the world and the daily continuity of all special and exclusive programs that take place during the 365 days a year can support the role of distributor and wholesaler in the market professional cosmetics.

The extension of this work is reflected in achieving another year of the Business Rounds, the development of a daily work towards the unity of commonality of interest between the different actors of professional beauty market.

The International Cosmobelleza & Wellness, in its 17th edition, has become the ideal meeting point to find the best training and promote the business sectors of hairdressing, beauty and wellness.


She worked 17 hours a day for 800 euros

Until he was fired a month ago, Rene Conde was a day of 17 hours a day, which increased to 20 on weekends, for 800 euros a month and no contract.Worked as domestic servants for a wealthy family in Madrid. Did everything: ironing, sewing, shoes, running errands, carpentry, cooking, cleaning, plumbing ...In December, gave leave for the first time, until 10 January. Upon returning, he was fired, along with another servant. René's journey began at 6.30 pm, preparing breakfast, and ended when the last family member had gone to bed. Weekends, "the gentlemen went out to dinner and returned at three o'clock, " he recalls. Sometimes, he and another employee arrived to attend dinners with up to 53 guests.René complaint that forced him to take the children away. "The gentlemen were aware that he had no license and I knew there was jail if I got caught behind the wheel. I was shaking, " he admits. At home, the two servants ate leftovers remaining. "If the owners had more hunger and repeated, not dined, " he recalls. Neither gave her clothes and had to ask in a parish.
Without papers, health insurance, right to strike, vacation, retirement ... "The salary is the only incentive that the immigrants in the economy, but thousands of them fall into stifling operating systems, "said Secretary of Social Policy CCOO Madrid, Ana González. "It's the twenty-first century slavery" statement.The Ministry of Labor conducted between January and September 2010, a total of 65,353 workplace inspections, which found 5002 violations. Of these, 92% was because of immigration, mostly from irregularly employed undocumented. The remaining 8% corresponds to discrimination by sex, irregularities in the promotion of employment or deficiencies in the integration of disabled people.
UGT attended in 2010 at its headquarters in Madrid 162 cases of abuse and exploitation. By their vulnerability, both UGT and CCOO serving immigrants if they are not union members or have their documentation. Construction, catering, domestic service and agriculture are the main trench of the exploiters.
The Aliens Act provides a formula to combat the underground economy and undocumented slavery: the roots work, which allows to regularize the situation of undocumented if you report to your operator. It is necessary to present the resolution of a judge or the infringement of the Labour Inspectorate, show two years of stay in Spain (the last six months, working) and have no criminal record.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

The government have limited the speed to 110 km/h on motorways.

From the 7th of march the maximum speed will be 110 km/h. The government has taken this step to save oil. They had not taken this step since the 1973 oil crisis.

Now there will be more checks on the charge of the prices of the oil distribution companies. They will analyze the evolution of consumer prices compared with costs, and try to get the further development of competition.

They has also imposed a 5% discount on tickets of Renfe (train) short distances and medium distances.

All these measures are to encourage energy saving. We have to combat rising oil prices. In a week has risen to $ 120 a barrel, to stand yesterday in $ 112.

These measures will remain for the duration of the tensions in North Africa.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Telefónica earns 10.167 millions in 2010

Telefónica close the 2010 with 10.167 millions euros of benefits, more than 30,8% of last year. The extraordinary assume 2.164 millions of euros which include the positive adjustment in live and the negative of the restructuring of the expenses.

The group says that this results carry out the objectives of the market and it agrees with the proposal of share out the benefits per shares of 1,60 euros with a charge of the results, more than 14,3% last year. However this benefits are below the market prevision that respect over 11.000 millions of euros.

The incomes were 60.737 millions of euros, with an increased of the 7,1%and the result of the recovery with 25.777 millions, with the increased of the 14%.


'The Telegraph' ponders Basque Cooperative model

At a time of recession and global financial crisis, it seems that many are looking around for an alternative to the cutthroat and individualistic model that has arguably brought many economies to their knees.

Just four months after liberal US news website the Huffington Post came out in praise of the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation (MCC)'s "commitment and approach" to both business and people, UK daily The Telegraph has been weighing up its pros and cons.

Even the normally Conservative UK paper can find little to fault in the MCC's set-up of "85,000 'worker owners'", its innovative successes - "Orbea bikes that won gold at the Beijing Olympics" - or the fact that top scale bosses earn only three times more than the lowest paid worker, and not the 202 times that is currently the norm in "big Western companies".

However, the paper still questions whether the Mondragón model is exportable, pointing out that none of the MCC's plants in the rest of the world (China, India, Latin America or Europe) have opted for co-op status: "We encourage them to be owners of their future," MCC Global Director Josu Ugarte tells The Telegraph, "but they are afraid of the obligations that go with it."

The paper's International Business Editor, and author of the piece, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, believes the co-operative model works in Mondragón for one key reason: ".. the powerful clan ethos" and "tribal loyalty" of the Basques:

"To be a Mondragon Manager is to accept the vows of priesthood," he says.

Despite criticism and scepticism over the MCC model, the movement continues to thrive, says Evans-Pritchard, "half a century after critics said it would never survive".

While even MCC Chairman, Jose María Aldecoa, declares the Mondragón model to be "absolutely flawed", The Telegraph's Business Editor agrees that, compared to other models in these times of crisis, "it has shown itself to be the least flawed".

Ion Ander Gonzalez

oil prices rise

The popular revolt in Libya and the possibility that the crisis will spread to other countries in the region are causing an extraordinary volatility in oil prices, which started in the day yesterday with a brutal climb close to 10%. The highest price since September 2008, to experience a decline after.
In Spain, the appreciation of oil gives wings to the rise of petrol and diesel. And gasoline costs an average of 1.284 euros per liter, just a penny below the peak reached in January. Diesel stands at 1.247 euros, up 24% from a year ago. Are not yet highs, but are close to those marks, which occurred, we must not forget, at a time when a barrel of oil was quoted at $ 147.
Repsol's production in Libya these days has been reduced by half.
The rise of fuel will impact on private transport, since the bill is to fill the tank of the cars to the impact of "second round" of moving goods, which ultimately all kinds of expensive products.
The energy bill will suffer directly. The price of most fuels as the base oil.
The most feared effects of soaring crude oil are, however, that policymakers and analysts call "second round", an effect that usually move in time more than half a year. The operator pays more expensive fuels moves that amount to the final prices, and in so far as the situation permits, employees try to recover the impact of higher living costs in their negotiations.

Maria Jose Gonzalez

Spanish couples on average take 70 years to pay the mortgage

Spanish couples take an average of 18 years to pay off the mortgage on a flat of 70 square meters, three years less than in 2010, thanks to falling prices and rising wages.

By region, Extremadura is the region which take less time to pay the mortgage, within 11 years. Also, other communities are below average, as in the case of Castilla-La Mancha (12 years), Asturias (14 years), Galicia (15), Castilla y León (15), Valencia (16 years), Murcia (16), Navarra (17) and Andalusia (17).

The national average is only maintained in La Rioja and Aragon, while above it displayed the Canary Islands (19), Madrid (22 years), the Balearic Islands (23), Cantabria (23 years) and Catalonia (24 years).

Basque couples are the slowest to pay our mortgage, up to 28 years, in spite of receiving the highest net income: EUR 3,102 on average between the two.

Given these results, the analysis concludes that the inhabitants of regions with cheaper per square meter are the ones who pay off their mortgage debt before and emphasizes that in the years a Basque family buy a house, a Castilian-La Mancha and Extremadura could acquire to two properties.


Basque Government plans to open offices in the US

The Secretary General of External Affairs along with the Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism at the Basque Government are working jointly to extend the Basque presence in North America. More specifically, they are developing a plan which will allow them to set up corporate offices in the states of California, Florida and Idaho.

During a press conference held at the Basque Parliament on Wednesday, the Secretary General of Foreign Affairs, Guillermo Echenique, and the Vice-councilor of Innovation and Technology, Juan Goicolea, revealed the outline of a plan designed to strengthen the Basque Country's presence in Mexico, the US and Canada, three countries of particular importance for Euskadi which themselves enjoy a special relationship thanks to a Free Trade Agreement, which affords them preferential commercial links with the European Union.

The aim is to exploit the opportunities and resources available in this market, at the same time as raising the profile of Basque business, important for competing in a global market. There is already a Basque Government Office for México, the US and Canada located in New York, as well as another commercial office based in Philadelphia.

In the future, this representation will grow with three new commercial offices planned for New York, California and Florida, as well as a local branch of the Basque Government which will be based in Idaho. The Basque presence in Mexico will also continue with a commercial office located in its capital, Mexico

By Mónica

Monday, February 21, 2011

The unemployed people may request the assistance of 400 euros

The unemployed who have exhausted their unemployment benefits or subsidies from tomorrow may seek new aid of 400 euros. The new benefit will last for six months and will be linked to training.

The aid, which will replace the 426 euros, will benefit about 80,000 unemployed, compared to 198,000 registered beneficiaries of Prodi in the fourth quarter of the aid.

To access this assistance should complete their unemployment protection from tomorrow and do not qualify for access to the Active Insertion Income.

It is designed more as an economic support training activities specific to the active policies than as a benefit. The program requires recipients to make a custom itinerary for integration, that includes the diagnosis of their employability and participation in activities of retraining and / or reintegration.

If a person making a route to employment and retraining action receives a job offer "adequate" with his professional background and rejected, would begin a process to review the reasons why not accepted that it could take in If you lose your financial aid.


Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hello!! we are returning to San Sebastian. We have spent a very good time, the project was interesting because we met people of other countries and we learn about their culture. It has been wroth to do this project and we hope to see them in Belfast. Thanks of being in date of our trip.


hello!! today is Wednesday and we have taken a boat to go to Bergen at 7:00 am. This journey takes 5 hours. When we arrived to Bergen we will meet our friends and we will buy presents of our families. And tomorrow we have to leave at 4:00 am.
See you on Friday.


Hello!! In Tuesday we did some activities in the classroom. One of the activity was to do a job interview in groups. One group was the interviewer and another one the interviewed. Then we went to the mountains it was -15 degrees. We slid down from the top of mountain with a plastic. After these activity we ate hot dogs made in a fire in the snow and drank hot chocolate. At night we went to eat a pizza to say goodbye to all the students.


Hi!! today we have met all the countries: Germany, North Ireland, Norway and Spain. We have done our presentation about our city. We showed them the video about the San Sebastian Europe Culturcity 2016. We had “Gryterett” for lunch in the school and in the afternoon we went to the climbing wall with all the students. We had a very good day!!

Council Gipuzkoa spends almost four and a half million euros in aid to cultural diffusion this year

Council of Gipuzkoa, go this year, a total of 4,481,137 for aid for promoting cultural awareness, representing an increase of 36 percent over last year, in relation to grants for projects and legal entities cultural activities, and 29 percent in those aimed at arts, music and visual arts. Thus, comparing the data with those of 2010, legal aid organizations for cultural projects and activities recorded an increase of 36 percent, and aid to the performing arts, music and visual arts, the increase is 29 per percent, parameters that are close to the figures for these matters in 2007 when it had not yet begun the economic crisis.

By Mónica

Car sales fall 32.1% in September

During the last month in our country they enrolled 65,700 vehicles,with a drop of nearly a third over the same period in 2007, but ultimately somewhat softened the fall of the first three weeks.
New Car sales in Spain fell 32.1% last September, totaling about 65,700 registrations between cars and SUVs.
It seems that the situation has been extended, in recent days partly because almost exhausted the first three weeks of September, the lost round the 40%.
In the months of September, 2007 and 2006, there were also significant reductions but far from registered this year.


Monday, February 14, 2011


This is our 2nd days in Norway. Yesterday, we visited Bergen. It is a university and very beautiful city. We visited important places from Bergen like the fish market, the port, a lake frozen, a street with 6 museums, the cathedral and the old houses. There is also many sculptures around the city.
Is a city where you can know other people because they are universitaires and they are very friendly.
The worst thing is that the bar and shops close too soon and is very expensive. There are many fast restaurants.
Today we have traveled to Sogndal. We have seen the fiords, they are very nice. It’s very cold, today we have been at -20 degrees.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


We are writing from BERGEN one of the most important city of Norway.Yesterday we travel during all day, we stay 5 hours in Frankfurt. we arrived at Bergen at 12:30 at night.
we are very excited about the new experience and of doing this proyect about finance. we can say that Bergen is a university city and we are making new friends. Tomorrow we are going to Sogndal.
Regards to everybody and we will continue writing about the activities we are going to do this days.

See you soon.

Mari Jose, Saioa, Mary, Sonia and Cynthia

Friday, February 11, 2011

Basque economy posted 0.8% positive year-on-year growth

The Basque Country Gross Domestic Product (GDP) posted positive year-on-year growth (0.8%) compared to the same quarter of the previous year, once corrected for calendar and seasonal effects, according to the advance data prepared by EUSTAT. It is the third consecutive quarter with positive year-on-year growth after six consecutive negative quarters. Year-on-year growth of the Spanish economy stood at 0.6%, according to the data advanced by the Bank of Spain.

With respect to the previous quarter, the Basque Country GDP registered a 0.2% growth rate for the fourth quarter of 2010. This marks a return to positive growth, after a third quarter with zero quarter-on-quarter growth. This rate is identical to the estimate for the Spanish economy.

The provisional real growth of the Basque Country GDP is calculated to be 0.3% for the year as a whole.

From the point of view of supply, the year-on-year growth in this quarter was underpinned by the relative better performance by Industry and Market Services. Non-market Services posted a more moderate performance and Construction returned to negative figures.

As far as employment was concerned, jobs fell both in year-on-year terms and with respect to the previous quarter. The figure was also negative for 2010 as a whole.

By Mónica

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Toy Story 3 rises by 54% to 1.302 million Disney profits

Walt Disney Group won 1.302$ million between October and December 2010, 54 percent more over the same period of last year thanks to advertising revenue in its television and blockbuster film "Toy Story 3 ".
U.S. entertainment giant today released after the close of the New York Stock Exchange, accounts for its first fiscal quarter (October to December), a period in which revenues increased 10% from a year earlier and reached the 10.716 million dollars.
The company also benefited from a strong DVD sales of "Toy Story 3", nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture.
In addition, the sale of consumer products, Walt Disney billed between October and December last year $ 922 million, 24 percent more from a year earlier, and accumulated an operating profit of $ 312 million, up 28 percent.


Sunday, February 6, 2011


Minister of Tourism of Tunisia, Mehdi Houasse, has confirmed what everyone suspected: that tourism has had to drop a lot of recent developments. Tourism in January fell 40%, and probably are giving inflated figures. Nobody wants to travel to a country that has launched a revolution, or if their tourism was the beach and sun.

What will this do to Tunisia? Well, a lot. We must remember that tourism is one of the greatest assets in Tunisia, generating employment for 400,000 people (in a country of 10 million inhabitants), with the second sector in employment after agriculture. The price of the revolution will be unemployment in that sector and a reduction of revenue by the state.

And as in Tunisia, Egypt should be experiencing a similar phenomenon. A very touristic country, especially at this time of year that are not as extreme temperatures, should be living a very high loss of income. In these times should not worry, you're more focused on what their new political system or who will govern, but in the aftermath of the revolution there will be problems. The new government will face more unemployment.

But you know what they say in fishing in troubled waters. And here are the Spanish fishermen. Our tourism, especially in the Canaries, is feeling positively affected by these revolutions. Tourists looking for warm places and away from countries in conflict. And the industry is putting the boots.

Mari Carmen

What values are at risk of collapse if the boxes sold?

What today are still savings within eight months in many cases will be banks that are publicly traded. Throughout this process, banks should increase their core capital (amount of money that must be within the entity about the risks incurred) to meet the standards of transparency and credibility driven by the Government.

To fulfill this mission, one possibility that should not be ruled out is that one or more of the existing institutions recapitalize by selling assets.

And here we reach the crux of the matter: one of the most viable ways of getting a capital injection is to list the shares that the savings are in the pipeline.
Which would involve up to 42 values of the Spanish market. The question is the impact it would the sale of shareholdings on listed companies in question.
We saw a clear example last week with the birth of Caixa-Bank. The big box known Catalan resolve questions about the fate of its industrial portfolio by keeping your jewelry (Telefónica and Repsol) in Criteria, and leave for the unlisted bank services and real estate (Natural Gas, Abertis).

According to Marc Batlle, to the fund Elcano, the priority is to leave La Caixa bank's future healthy and go selling the shares in Criteria. Regarding to the shares which he holds on Metrovacesa (5.2 percent), the analyst explained that this "is inside the basket of securities where there is no clear buyer interest, it will draw off to the extent that they have to face maturity. "
This same statement may apply up to 18 companies of 42 and above with either a clear recommendation to sell, either by inclusion in the portfolio of savings that may have sanitation needs in the short term (or both factors). The question is: why the sale of shares in their companies collapse in the stock market?


The bank earn 41 millions per day in 2010

The spanish bank closed the last year with some numbers typical of a buoyant time.The first five companies
reported almost 15,000 million euros, or, what is the same, 40.9 per 24 hours, and after making strong provisions to guard against late payment.
The numbers of Santander, BBVA, La Caixa, Popular and Caja Madrid are, in sum, 5% less than in 2009, and continue the downward trend pointed from the beginning of the crisis.
Santander has slashed lending by 3.6% in Spain (although it has risen by 6% in the group, for geographical diversification). The BBVA has been flat, and the People's barely up 1%. But at the same time, the collection of money has been shot in the war of the liability. Botin's entity which accounts for more than half of these 15,000 million profit. Santander scored more than 8,100 in the last year. Here are BBVA (4,600 million net), La Caixa (1307), Popular (590 million, a cut of 23%, the largest of these entities) and Caja Madrid (256). It is recalled that the two cases cited have already announced that this year will operate as banks and the Stock Exchange.


More than 1 month of revolts in the Arabic world

What is happening in the Arabic world? How to interpret what is happening in Egypt, Yemen or Tunis?

Since on December 17 a Tunisian young person in unemployment was lighting fire as a sign of protest for there having being snatched his car of sale of vegetables, a wave of revolts is shaking the Arabic world. His personal act of sentence turned him into a martyr and a model. The situation of poverty and unemployment and the absence of basic freedoms that was living is shared on good part of the population of the Maghrib and Middle East. Soon others followed his example in his country, and the shock wave of the discomfort and it was reaching little by little to other countries of the region.

In Tunis, civil mobilization that was in preparation for weeks they finished on January 14 with the dictatorship of Zine the Abidine Ben Ali, after 23 years in the power. The success of the Tunisians encouraged the citizens of Egypt, who go from January 25 demanding his particular dictator (29 years like president), Hosni Mubarak, which goes away.And today have resigned the whole dome of his government

The president of Yemen has announced that it will not return to appear to the reelection and that it will start the reforms his people for that asks him. In Morocco, Jordan or Syria they start some showing his discomfort, every country to his way and with his particularities, while West observes perplex and tries to understand the new political and social map that it is born in the zone.

What is very true is that the citizens demand changes, democracy and better living conditions in the countries of the north of Africa

María José González

Friday, February 4, 2011

Edurne Pasaban named 2011 People's Choice Adventurer of the Year

Basque mountaineer Edurne Pasaban won the award for becoming the first woman to climb the world's 14 highest peaks.
She was announced Wednesday by the National Geographic Society as the winner of the 2011 People's Choice Adventurer of the Year for becoming the first woman to climb the world's 14 highest peaks.
"It's an honor that outside of my country people also recognize you, that they think that what you've done deserves a prize and deciding that I can be National Geographic's Adventurer of the Year," Pasaban told Spain's news agency Efe in an interview a day after receiving the Queen Sofia prize as Spain's Sportswoman of the Year.
The eight-thousanders are the fourteen independent mountains on Earth that are more than 8,000 metres (26,247 ft) high above sea level. They are all located in the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges in Asia.
The first recorded attempt on an eight-thousander took place on the expedition by Albert F. Mummery, and J. Norman Collie to Nanga Parbat in the territory of Kashmir (in present day Pakistan Administered Kashmir) in 1895; this attempt failed as Mummery and two Gurkhas, Ragobir and Goman Singh, were killed by an avalanche.
The first recorded successful ascent of an eight-thousander was by Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal, who reached the summit of Annapurna on June 3, 1950.
The first person to climb all fourteen eight-thousanders was Reinhold Messner. He completed this task on October 16, 1986. A year later, in 1987, Jerzy Kukuczka became the second climber to accomplish this feat. As of 2010, a total of 21 people have followed through undisputed. This is an extremely hazardous feat; at least four people have died while in pursuit of this goal.
Basque mountaineer Juanito Oiarzabal has completed the most climbs of the eight-thousanders; a total of 24 times since 1985 to 2010.

By Mónica

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A band that shut 100 million euros falls

A hundred police took part on Monday in a joint operation to disrupt a complex devoted to money laundering through booths scattered Madrid. The members of this band had created a company that made with the all market by offering low prices.
The agents started the investigation in April after learning that Jorge Luis P. P. had created together with his family, including his wife, Minerva, also known Dominican, and complex financial arrangements to launder money through cybercafes.Remit abroad reached 100 million euros from criminal activities, police said.
Changes and commissions charged this new company were much lower than the competition given the high volume of business moving. The network consisted of 14 shops that make turns especially the Caribbean and South America. The members of criminal groups delivered by hand, small amounts of face value tickets. Mixed shipments thus illegal legal. This has meant that the police have had to analyze about 259,000 money transferChanges and commissions charged this new company were much lower than the competition given the high volume of business moving. The network consisted of 14 shops that make turns especially the Caribbean and South America. The members of criminal groups delivered by hand, small amounts of face value tickets. Mixed shipments thus illegal legal. This has meant that the police have had to analyze about 259,000 money transfer.

Ion Ander