Sunday, January 30, 2011

The system of the barter gets in Spain

The business of the barter starts doing a hollow to him between the companies and individuals. Worldwide there are already a lot of commercial transactions that are realized by this long-lived system.

Little by little, the technology has been modifying the rules of the barter and increasingly companies sign to a system that can have many advantages.

This exchange is one of the big attractions for the SMEs and autonomous: it increases the liquidity of the small enterprises, since it allows them to buy products and services without having to resort to his treasury. For example, an attorney enters the network of one of these platforms and offers his services valued for 2.500 Euros. This quantity goes on to an account, similar to that of a bank, though the money cannot do cash to him. The attorney will be able to buy a portable computer, for 1.200 Euros to a company of computers and this one it will be able to spend the same quantity in furniture or in any other thing that he needs.

The logic of the business is simple, but ingenious in Internet platforms they are contacted and there are exchanged those products and services that they need for those who exceed them.
Another advantage of buying by this system is that ' the product with which you pay only has supposed the cost of production: it is like to buy always in sales, but without losing monetary liquidity.

In Spain, the offer has less tradition but it begins to win followers. They are several companies those that have realized the barter successfully

María José González

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