Friday, September 24, 2010

The main Industry in Guipuzcoa

Guipuzcoa have an high ocupation in the industrial sector which is a 38,6%. Nevertheless in the agricultural sector the ocupation is very low with a 3,1%. The principal sector that has been increased with the years is services or terthiary that it becomes until 51% and in the construction area has a 10% of ocupation.
Farming and fishing industries have been a tradition for many years in Guipuzcoa and around all the Basque country. At the montainus areas we can see cattle and a lot of vegetables garden and in coastal zone the main view is about fishermen.
Euskal Herria is an area where industrial activity has caused
a lot of changes at our enviromet. The presence of iron and the abundance of wood enabled the development of this activity. The industry is located in very specific areas of geography, with the coastal areas and near rivers which concentrate the highest levels of employment.

Mari Jose and Sonia.

U2 24th of September in San Sebastian

U2 is a rock band created in Dublin, Ireland on 1976. The group formed by Bono (vocals and guitar), The Edge (guitar, keyboards and vocals), Adam Clayton (bass guitar), and Larry Mullen Jr. (drums and percussions).

This weekend 26th of September we will have this group in San Sebastian in Anoeta`s football stadium on the 360º tour.

Finally I have to say that I have the opportunity to work preparing the stage with other people from different nacionalities.

So it is a good opportunity to meet new friends.


IT´S A FUN!!!!!!!!


The Festival has finished

The 58th festival edition has finished.
Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem have come to the festival to promocionated their film "Come, Reza, Ama"
This year Julia has taken the Donostia prize, and Javier gave her the prize.
The film they have done, it has take many critics.Ones positives and other ones negatives because we think that people expected to be a great film but it wasn´t that good.
It has been a very special week because it has come many people to the city.
'City of life and death' won the gold Concha, the actor, Pablo Pineda won the silver Concha.
'El secreto de sus ojos' hasn´t won any prize and Lola Dueñas has won the prize for the best actress.
And finally we expect next year festival to be a better one.

Mary and Cynthia

Friday, September 17, 2010


The San Sebastián International Film Festival is an annual. Is important for our city because it give us a very important place in the world.
This year, it´s starting today, 17th september, and it finishes in a week (25th september).

Next week is going to come julia roberts, who is an important actress from hollywood, and her most famous film was PRETTY WOMAN.
In this festival, they show films which are going to be recogniced and same of them are going to take a price.
There are many kind of prices:
- Best film
-Best actor
-Best actress
-Best music band
- and others...
The most important prices are the gold concha and silver concha.
In our opinion, we like it because the city gets with lots of people and is nice to see other people of abroad, come here to see this festival.We think that is a good festival because every year come they came many people and many actors and actrees repit coming.

The opinion of the businessmans

Here the businessmans think that the crisis will last a lot before the recuperation. Because of their oun statistics they have known that this situation is going to change in 3 or 4 years.

Some people think that the problem to recuperate are the pensions. In this moments are being later retirements, they will revise the persons who can work perfectly and the minors of 60 years.

They want to do a laboral reform and a pensions reform.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It is so difficult to be a new business person and we have to admit that now isn’t a great time to stat up a business.

The first thing do you have to think about is what kind of business you want to stat up: personal trainer, clothes shop, online business…

The second and very important thing do you have to take an account is the personality you have. The commitment, the motivation, the emotional resilience…

So what type of person is likely to start a business today? Statistic on business start ups reveal that the majority of entrepreneurs are people who lives in the South East and who is in his forties.

Now the crisis we are passing is making harder for young people to start new business.

You can take more information in this web site:



I am sure that you have listened to this word, but who can define it?

For my point of view entrepreneurship is used for the students, to learn how the business world is. Lot of students thinks that to create a company is an easy task but they are a bit far from reality. At the beginning, the work you have to do is very hard, because you have to find the innovative idea, the way you have to finance it...

This type of projects help us learning how we have to face of the problems which will appear when we decide to create a new company.

ion ander

Monday, September 13, 2010


I'm going to write about the unemployment in Guipuzcoa.
To be unemployed means that you don't have any work, but that you would like to have one.
This year the unemployment in Guipuzcoa has increase a 31,7%,in Alto Urola, Alto Deba and Urola Medio had the worst part of the unemployment,that had more than a 50%.
Actually, there are some courses to retrain people so that they can find a job or create a new company.



I´m going to write about the finance, a future jobs.
The finance are most important because are the capital or the money of the company, you could diference With two fundamental aspects:
we used the finances to buy more things or pay to the other people to create the company and also to take benefites.

I´m my opinion, the finance are basic in real life.
Everyday we use the money to buy a lot of things, that are necesary to survive.
This concep is aplicated to companys, because the propietary deposite the capital into the company and them use this money to start a company.

In conclusion, the finance are import in real life and in companys because we use money always.


Technology & Innovation

In this moment the crisis concerns all parts of Spain. In Gipuzkoa they are making different things to try to resolve that problem. One of the things are to invest money in Techonology, Innovation and Sciences.

Basque Government wants to invest 10.000,00 euros and generate advantages in the global economy.

By Mónica

Looking for a job

If you are looking for a job in Guipuzcoa is better if you can speak other languages. Euskera, English or French are the most important here.

The Basque country is one the community that has less unemployment in Spain but I think it depends on what kind of job you are looking for.

Here, to find a job in an office or a company is more dificult than to find it in a store or an restaurant. That is the reason why i think we have to study some carrer.

In administrations area we have oportunities but we need to have experience, if you are interesting in that area i recomend make some course with practice, that is the way you can get experience and maybe find a good job in a company.
Good luck

María José


In the actual society we can get a job searching in the paper of your country but the people says that not all the jobs are so easy to find it.

In my opinion finding a job it can be easy or difficult looking the contacts you have to find that job or maybe the contacts you dont have so you have to find it. There are some jobs like building scenes, work in your fathers shop... this job are quite easy to find because in the case of the building scenes is a job that need it people to build it.

There are some websides that you can find job there easier like the case of INEM.


Eliminar formato de la selección

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Our first class started on wednesday and we were very nervous like all the people. The first impression was good because the classmates are so fine!We met new people (9) of different cities all around the Basque country, Spain and America.

borja,cynthia, ion ander