Wednesday, January 12, 2011

San Sebastian Day approaches

The day of San Sebastian is a traditional festival celebrated on January 20 in San Sebastian (Basque country/Spain), in which different companies drummed throughout the day for all San Sebastian.

The party starts
at midnight on May 19 at the "Plaza La Constitucion" with the raising of the flag of the city. Gaztelubide society and representatives of other drumming began to play the March of San Sebastián, Raimundo Sarriegui teacher and other compositions: Diana, Retreat, Tatiago, Iriyarena, cavalry of old, etc. One hundred companies made up between 20 and 50 drums and 50 to 100 barrels parade through all the neighborhoods of the
city by day 20. Always accompanied by a brass band.

Participants in the tamborrada are divided into two groups: the drummers (who play the drum) and the chefs / water carriers. The first dress uniform of a body of an army of the Napoleonic era. The second group play instruments that have the same sound: the barrel and the bucket, respectively. They also participate pioneers, champions and bartenders.

Childrens have at the morning of that day her child tamborrada, which begins in the gardens of Alderdi Eder and go around the main streets of the city. Among them they choose the general and his assistants,La Bella Easo child and her maids of honor.

The day continues until 12 pm on January 20, when the city meets again in the "Plaza la Constitucion" around tamborrada of "Union Artesana" (the oldest society of the city.)

During these 24 hours of holiday prizes delivered the most important award such as "Tambor de Oro" and five Medals of "Mérito Ciudadano de San Sebastián".


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