Saturday, October 29, 2011


The luxury Hotel Maria Cristina will close its doors during nine months after a very hard and long negotiation. The reformation will cost about twenty millions of euros, four of them will be pay by the city hall and the rest by Starwood, the company which management the Hotel Maria Cristina.

The main point will be the decoration, air condition, pipes and electricity. They are going to change all the furniture but keeping the belle epoque style with lilac, gold and turquoise colors. Other important point is the cooperation with the workers because they are going to be in a ERE throughout the renovation.

The people of Donosti are very glad for the invest of a large foreign company in one of the most important and old building of the city.

See you soon Hotel Maria Cristina¡¡


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This is our last day in Daruvar, Croatia. We woke up at 8:00 a.m. and we went to the library, near the city centre. There, we divided in groups, and we prepared some slideshows with the photos we took in different places of Daruvar two days ago. When we finished, we explained the slideshows to the rest of the groups. Then, the Croatian television came to interview us about the project. It was an excelent new experience!

We went to take a coffee before the lunch, that it was in a restaurant near the library. After the lunch, we had some free time before the dinner, so the croatian students propose us to go to the spa again. We went there, and we had a very good time with the rest of the students. We left the spa about five o'clock p.m. and then the croatian students told us to have a good time at night, to finish the experience.

We had dinner and we weared our best clothes to say goodbye to our students. We had a very good time at night in a bar in the city centre, but some people were crying when the party was finishing.

We finished at 1:30 a.m. aproximately, because on Saturday we had the bus to go to Zagreb at... 5:00 a.m.!

We all think that this was our best experience in our life. We made a lot of new friends, we show our city and culture to other countries with our project, and we improved a lot our english... and a little bit our croatian!

Thanks a lot for this fantastic experience!

One group of students preparing the slideshow.


Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today we had been in Zagreb and we spent the whole day there. We met a guide and he explained us many interesting things and places about the city with the help of some croatian students. We went up onto the sorther funicular of the world!!!! It was fantastic!!!!
After lunch slovenian students went back to their hometown. In the afternoon we had free time and at 7 o'clock we went back to Daruvar.


And here, some photos about our visit to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today we spent our morning at Croatians students school. We had made mixed groups
to make a presentation of all the proyect participants countries.

After lunch, the teachers gave us different topics to take pictures about it.

To finish the day with our partners we went to the spa and we had a very good time!

And tomorrow.... ZAGREB! :)


One of the groups, taking photos near the lake.

Croatian students and we, having fun in the spa, during the afternoon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Today we had a wonderful day. We started the day showing our presentations to the other local and foreign students (Croatians, Turkish, Polish, Slovenes) in Daruvar school. We were very nervous before our presentation, but finally we had done it very well and other students and teachers were astonished with San Sebastian and its sightseens. We also were impressed with their countries and cultures.
After that, we went to have lunch with all the students and teachers to a nice restaurant, we ate typical food from Croacia and we enjoyed our menu, it was really good!
When we finished eating we went back to the school and started preparing the project's web page.
To finish our day with them, the Croatian students prepared a touristic walk around Daruvar, showing us its monuments and interesting places. They offered us a local tea and they gave us a coin to throw it to a ''magic'' fountain.

We had a very good time today with all the group and we are looking forward to go tomorrow to the termal spa.


Our partners are arriving in the afternoon so we visited the area and the city of Pozega.
In the evening we all met and had a welcoming dinner offered by our hosts.
Congratulations to the chefs and all the staff !!!!

Janire and Nerea

Our group, visiting Pozega the first day.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


First meeting in Croatia

Ekonomska i turística skola Daruvar , HR Croacia
Aksaray Hotel Management and Tourism Vocational High School, Aksaray, TR Turquia
Zespól Szkól Ekonomicznych, Starogard Gdanski, PL Polonia
Ekonomska in trgovska sola Brezice, Brezice, SI Eslovenia
IES Xabier Zubiri Manteo BHI, Donostia

Today our day began very early in the morning; at five o’clock. We took the bus in San Sebastian at after three buses and two flights we arrived around eight o’clock p.m. to Daruvar.

We took off Loiu at seven fifty in the morning, and Munich welcome us with cold and people dressed as tyrolese. We took our second flight to Zagreb at eleven forty. Even if this second flight was shorter in the time it was more frightening because of the turbulences.
We arrived to Zagreb at the lunch time and left it at five thirty to get Daruvar at eight o’clock. Three teachers and one student has given us a humble and nice welcome. And just one hour ago we arrived to the hotel to tell you our first experiences in the Balkans!

We, near the city centre of Daruvar, Croatia.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


In first half of year, 218 Guipuzcoan families lost their house by not being able to do against the payment of their mortgage.
The hypothecating executions, a drama for affected and an uncomfortable problem for the financial organizations.

121 Oustings were realised in Guip'uzcoa between April and June of this year. A trimester with so many had never been registered.

32010 oustings have had in all Spain in the first six months of the year. More of those than it had throughout 2008 and almost the same amount that in all 2009.

Mercè Sanchez