Friday, May 28, 2010

Bye bye

Have a nice summer holiday and will be back very soon.

Edurne Sánchez, Zhanna Yakovenko, Ainhoa Arruabarrena,
Eva Holgado and Jaime Gironza

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My personal post, Edurne

I am very happy to have taken this course in multilingual class because it has helped me to lose the shame to speak English and express myself better.
I also believe this will help me in future because our profession is related to foreign languages.
Thanks to the work of our business teachers, we had the opportunity to travel to Prague International Fair and practice our knowledge. We learned to do business with companies from other countries and we saw that it was not as easy as we thought.

Thanks to my classmates and teachers for everything!
Edurne Sánchez

My personal Post. Ainhoa

Hi to everyone!

The academic year 2009/2010 is now finished and is now is the time to study for the final exams of June.
This will be the last time I write this blog, but in September I´ll come back again, and I´m sure I´ll bring some new news to share with you.

I started the year with fear, I can not deny it, but everything has gone perfectly.
I meet new people, new ways of teaching, which led me to go ahead with a smile. Above all, I could continue practicing English, which for me is important
I have had new experiences as we travel to Prague in March, where I had a great time.
Teachers have always been there when we needed, and this is welcome.
I hope all goes well from now on.
Finally, thank everyone you follow us through this blog.

See you son!!!!!


My Personal Post, Eva.

I'm very happy of have chosen these studies in English. It's a very good experience.

These studies are helping me to speak more fluent in English and to learn specific terminology of finance. This might come useful for me if someday I decide to go to work abroad.

Moreover we have had the opportunity to travel and practice our English abroad, in Prague.

We have had good times and bad times, but thanks to the help and support that the teachers have given us we have pulled through.

I want to say THANK YOU to my group and to the teachers for give me the opportunity to know about this course in English.

See you in September!!


Eva Holgado

Jaime´s personal post.

Hello I´m a student of multilingua. In two days we finish with the classes and we begin with final exams! This year has been very estimulant for me, I inproved some important skills that I consider very important to find a job and also I improved my capacity to comunicate in english. Being honest this months have passed very fast and sometimes very fun, with the fair trade in Prague or adquiring notions of how to invest in the stock market, for example.
In September we come back after the hollydays to finish the curse and to be prepared to work in english. I´m sure that my group mates and I will succeed.
See you soon

My personal Post, Zhanna

Hi =)
This is my last post this school year. We are having our final exams this week and then we go on holidays. As long as I finished this year I've got a lot of impressions, and I would like to share them with you. First of all I have met a lot of new people, and made friends. I had a perfect chance to get to know Spanish people better. Of course the school year wasn't easy, despite I think I've gotten new knowledge that would be useful in my future work. I want to say 'thank you' to my group-mates and all the teachers for helping me to adapt to a new environment. I suppose I was working hard during the year and now I have the final step- exams. I hope I will pass everything.
Wish me good luck, and see you in September. =)* Poka-Poka!

Zhanna Yakovenko

Free Software

Free Software is software that can be used, studied, and modified without restriction, and which can be copied and redistributed in modified or unmodified form either without restriction. Generally is available without charge, but can have a fee.

Some of the best-known examples include the Linux, Piccasa and Open Office.

Ainhoa & Edurne

Friday, May 21, 2010

Convention Bureau. Agencies of Germany and Rusia visit San Sebastian.

Representatives of agencies organizing meetings, incentives and events market in Germany and Russia have visited San Sebastian to know this city as a destination for meetings and incentives.
Participants enjoyed a program of cultural and gastronomic activities, whose main event was a workshop on innovative "pintxos" or cultural and gastronomic path in the Old Town in which the participants experienced were amazed by the spectacular bars with "pintxos" that characterize San Sebastian.
The objective of this trip is that organizer companies and agencies know San Sebastian to show their clients the possibilities offered by this city.
Back to their countries, German and Russian agencies said that the experience has been very interenting because they had discovered a different and unknown destination.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

One day with GAZE

Tuesday, the 11th of may we had an event outside of school. We went to participate in a project. The organizator of this project was GAZE. GAZE is a project dedicated to promote the sense of initiative of young people from different centres of high education of Gipuzkoa. The aim of the project was to prepare students for real life business situations. We were supposed to solve some problems of different companies.
The event started at 9:30 with Jose Ramón Guridi's presentation. He is the deputy of Innovation and knowledge society. GAZE explained what is the aim of the project and at the end of the presentation two teachers from “Mondragon Unibertsitatea” explained what we were going to do during the day.
To start with, we were divided into three groups of approximately 40 people. We were in three different rooms with different organizations, such as Emaus, Iriscom, Urretxu's city hall and some people from travel agency. Then, we were participating in a “Check In” method to get to know each other better.
The companies presented us real problems. We were given some time for think about the solution and make our presentation. We think that the experience we've got there will help us in our future work.
It was very interesting to take part in this project. We spent very good time.

Thank you GAZE!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Landing Session

GAZE returns with another event. Now they bring us the “Landing Session”. This is a very dynamic event, here different students will have the opportunity to participate solving problems of real entities. Yo can be in contact with ONG's, companies and organizations.

It will be a fun day where we can learn a lot of things.

Date: 11 of May
Place: Palacio Miramar
Time: 9 to 17

If you come you will have a certificate.

Give it a go!!