Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More than one hundred of people died due to the rains

Nova Friburgo Teresopolis and tonight have been hard hit by the water, recording at least 139 people dead and dozens missing.Both cities are under water, without electricity and cut off by land. Only manage to get the helicopters and military police.In Teresopolis rains did overwhelm a dam that stream all that was finding its way, houses and cars.
The water caused 30 landslides. In one of them, in Nova Friburgo, buried four firefighters were killed and three are still buried, while trying to save others and under the rubble. This time ordinary people trying in vain to save the lives of firefighters.In both cities, hurt by the rain fell in less than 24 hours as much water as expected for the month and they're mountain villages, a thousand feet, where it rains a lot and regularly. The authorities in both Nova Friburgo Teresopolis as have declared a state of public calamity.

Mari Carmen

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