Monday, February 21, 2011

The unemployed people may request the assistance of 400 euros

The unemployed who have exhausted their unemployment benefits or subsidies from tomorrow may seek new aid of 400 euros. The new benefit will last for six months and will be linked to training.

The aid, which will replace the 426 euros, will benefit about 80,000 unemployed, compared to 198,000 registered beneficiaries of Prodi in the fourth quarter of the aid.

To access this assistance should complete their unemployment protection from tomorrow and do not qualify for access to the Active Insertion Income.

It is designed more as an economic support training activities specific to the active policies than as a benefit. The program requires recipients to make a custom itinerary for integration, that includes the diagnosis of their employability and participation in activities of retraining and / or reintegration.

If a person making a route to employment and retraining action receives a job offer "adequate" with his professional background and rejected, would begin a process to review the reasons why not accepted that it could take in If you lose your financial aid.


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