Friday, February 25, 2011

Basque Government plans to open offices in the US

The Secretary General of External Affairs along with the Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism at the Basque Government are working jointly to extend the Basque presence in North America. More specifically, they are developing a plan which will allow them to set up corporate offices in the states of California, Florida and Idaho.

During a press conference held at the Basque Parliament on Wednesday, the Secretary General of Foreign Affairs, Guillermo Echenique, and the Vice-councilor of Innovation and Technology, Juan Goicolea, revealed the outline of a plan designed to strengthen the Basque Country's presence in Mexico, the US and Canada, three countries of particular importance for Euskadi which themselves enjoy a special relationship thanks to a Free Trade Agreement, which affords them preferential commercial links with the European Union.

The aim is to exploit the opportunities and resources available in this market, at the same time as raising the profile of Basque business, important for competing in a global market. There is already a Basque Government Office for México, the US and Canada located in New York, as well as another commercial office based in Philadelphia.

In the future, this representation will grow with three new commercial offices planned for New York, California and Florida, as well as a local branch of the Basque Government which will be based in Idaho. The Basque presence in Mexico will also continue with a commercial office located in its capital, Mexico

By Mónica

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