Sunday, February 27, 2011

She worked 17 hours a day for 800 euros

Until he was fired a month ago, Rene Conde was a day of 17 hours a day, which increased to 20 on weekends, for 800 euros a month and no contract.Worked as domestic servants for a wealthy family in Madrid. Did everything: ironing, sewing, shoes, running errands, carpentry, cooking, cleaning, plumbing ...In December, gave leave for the first time, until 10 January. Upon returning, he was fired, along with another servant. René's journey began at 6.30 pm, preparing breakfast, and ended when the last family member had gone to bed. Weekends, "the gentlemen went out to dinner and returned at three o'clock, " he recalls. Sometimes, he and another employee arrived to attend dinners with up to 53 guests.René complaint that forced him to take the children away. "The gentlemen were aware that he had no license and I knew there was jail if I got caught behind the wheel. I was shaking, " he admits. At home, the two servants ate leftovers remaining. "If the owners had more hunger and repeated, not dined, " he recalls. Neither gave her clothes and had to ask in a parish.
Without papers, health insurance, right to strike, vacation, retirement ... "The salary is the only incentive that the immigrants in the economy, but thousands of them fall into stifling operating systems, "said Secretary of Social Policy CCOO Madrid, Ana González. "It's the twenty-first century slavery" statement.The Ministry of Labor conducted between January and September 2010, a total of 65,353 workplace inspections, which found 5002 violations. Of these, 92% was because of immigration, mostly from irregularly employed undocumented. The remaining 8% corresponds to discrimination by sex, irregularities in the promotion of employment or deficiencies in the integration of disabled people.
UGT attended in 2010 at its headquarters in Madrid 162 cases of abuse and exploitation. By their vulnerability, both UGT and CCOO serving immigrants if they are not union members or have their documentation. Construction, catering, domestic service and agriculture are the main trench of the exploiters.
The Aliens Act provides a formula to combat the underground economy and undocumented slavery: the roots work, which allows to regularize the situation of undocumented if you report to your operator. It is necessary to present the resolution of a judge or the infringement of the Labour Inspectorate, show two years of stay in Spain (the last six months, working) and have no criminal record.


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