Sunday, February 6, 2011


Minister of Tourism of Tunisia, Mehdi Houasse, has confirmed what everyone suspected: that tourism has had to drop a lot of recent developments. Tourism in January fell 40%, and probably are giving inflated figures. Nobody wants to travel to a country that has launched a revolution, or if their tourism was the beach and sun.

What will this do to Tunisia? Well, a lot. We must remember that tourism is one of the greatest assets in Tunisia, generating employment for 400,000 people (in a country of 10 million inhabitants), with the second sector in employment after agriculture. The price of the revolution will be unemployment in that sector and a reduction of revenue by the state.

And as in Tunisia, Egypt should be experiencing a similar phenomenon. A very touristic country, especially at this time of year that are not as extreme temperatures, should be living a very high loss of income. In these times should not worry, you're more focused on what their new political system or who will govern, but in the aftermath of the revolution there will be problems. The new government will face more unemployment.

But you know what they say in fishing in troubled waters. And here are the Spanish fishermen. Our tourism, especially in the Canaries, is feeling positively affected by these revolutions. Tourists looking for warm places and away from countries in conflict. And the industry is putting the boots.

Mari Carmen

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