Friday, February 25, 2011

Telefónica earns 10.167 millions in 2010

Telefónica close the 2010 with 10.167 millions euros of benefits, more than 30,8% of last year. The extraordinary assume 2.164 millions of euros which include the positive adjustment in live and the negative of the restructuring of the expenses.

The group says that this results carry out the objectives of the market and it agrees with the proposal of share out the benefits per shares of 1,60 euros with a charge of the results, more than 14,3% last year. However this benefits are below the market prevision that respect over 11.000 millions of euros.

The incomes were 60.737 millions of euros, with an increased of the 7,1%and the result of the recovery with 25.777 millions, with the increased of the 14%.


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