Sunday, February 6, 2011

More than 1 month of revolts in the Arabic world

What is happening in the Arabic world? How to interpret what is happening in Egypt, Yemen or Tunis?

Since on December 17 a Tunisian young person in unemployment was lighting fire as a sign of protest for there having being snatched his car of sale of vegetables, a wave of revolts is shaking the Arabic world. His personal act of sentence turned him into a martyr and a model. The situation of poverty and unemployment and the absence of basic freedoms that was living is shared on good part of the population of the Maghrib and Middle East. Soon others followed his example in his country, and the shock wave of the discomfort and it was reaching little by little to other countries of the region.

In Tunis, civil mobilization that was in preparation for weeks they finished on January 14 with the dictatorship of Zine the Abidine Ben Ali, after 23 years in the power. The success of the Tunisians encouraged the citizens of Egypt, who go from January 25 demanding his particular dictator (29 years like president), Hosni Mubarak, which goes away.And today have resigned the whole dome of his government

The president of Yemen has announced that it will not return to appear to the reelection and that it will start the reforms his people for that asks him. In Morocco, Jordan or Syria they start some showing his discomfort, every country to his way and with his particularities, while West observes perplex and tries to understand the new political and social map that it is born in the zone.

What is very true is that the citizens demand changes, democracy and better living conditions in the countries of the north of Africa

María José González

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