Sunday, February 6, 2011

The bank earn 41 millions per day in 2010

The spanish bank closed the last year with some numbers typical of a buoyant time.The first five companies
reported almost 15,000 million euros, or, what is the same, 40.9 per 24 hours, and after making strong provisions to guard against late payment.
The numbers of Santander, BBVA, La Caixa, Popular and Caja Madrid are, in sum, 5% less than in 2009, and continue the downward trend pointed from the beginning of the crisis.
Santander has slashed lending by 3.6% in Spain (although it has risen by 6% in the group, for geographical diversification). The BBVA has been flat, and the People's barely up 1%. But at the same time, the collection of money has been shot in the war of the liability. Botin's entity which accounts for more than half of these 15,000 million profit. Santander scored more than 8,100 in the last year. Here are BBVA (4,600 million net), La Caixa (1307), Popular (590 million, a cut of 23%, the largest of these entities) and Caja Madrid (256). It is recalled that the two cases cited have already announced that this year will operate as banks and the Stock Exchange.


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