Sunday, March 20, 2011

Unemployment up 1.6% in the Basque Country in February

The number of people registered as out of work and seeking employment by the public employment service of the Basque Country rose by 2,238 during February (a rise of 1.63% compared to January 2011) putting the total number of unemployed at 145,456.

Compared to the previous year, 8,313 more people were registered unemployed in February, 6.06 % more, according to figures released by the Ministry for Work and Immigration.

With regard to the three provinces of the Basque Country, Biscay registered the greatest increase in unemployment with a rise of 1,573 jobless, taking the total number to 81,303. The number of jobless in Gipuzkoa rose by 434, taking the total to 41,906, while Alava ended the year with 22,247 people out of work, a rise of 331 in February.

In Navarre, the number of people out of work rose by 716 in February, 1.59% up on January taking the total number of jobless up to 45,886 according to Ministry figures.

State-wide figures

Spain says the number of people filing for unemployment benefits rose last month to a new record as the country struggles to overcome recession. The Labor Ministry said Wednesday that those filing claims increased by 68,260 in February to just under 4.3 million.

Spain's actual unemployment rate is released separately every quarter and now stands at a eurozone high of just over 20 percent, with nearly 4.7 million jobseekers out of work. That's different from the claims number because many people's jobless benefits have run out.

Deputy Labor Minister Mari Luz Rodriguez said Wednesday's figure was not good news, but stressed the increase was smaller than those posted in February of 2010 and 2009.



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