Sunday, March 27, 2011

A group Navarre manufacture electric cars in Jaén.

Diversify or die. Foundries signature Mecacontrol, Santana Motor provider and a subsidiary of Navarre Mecacontrol, has decided to bet on electric vehicles. To do this, will invest 15.2 million euros in its factory park Linares providers to produce an electric car based on the Massif SUV model that came out of the facilities of the regional government-owned company.
After the crisis of the sector and the end of the production of Santana, has chosen to diversify their production in the park Linares. So, will invest more than 15 million to adapt its facilities to two new lines of business.
The primary will be the manufacture of an electric vehicle, which has already been approved, based on the model Massif, made ​​with Iveco.Este project was announced just six months after the parent group achieved an agreement with General Motors to supply the adapter for Europe Plug Ampere and Volt models of Opel, the two versions of the electric car maker intends to market in 2012.
The second line of diversification of the firm is the deal with a French supplier companies of Renault to manufacture the housings to be used in the plant that has Sevilla.Para both lines, the Ministry of Industry has put forward a loan two million euros through Reindustrialisation Program, set in the Active Plan Jaén. Is expected to generate 211 jobs.
This project is the first move made ​​in the supplier park Santana after the announcement of the Government of Linares Plan Future, which disappears as such the group and born five projects are: a contact center, security and communication technologies,factor creating software, a plant fiber, and a maintenance center.

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