Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Galliano for Dior glares at her "I love Hitler"

"People like you should be dead. Your mother, father, all in the gas chamber"

These are the words that have made the fashion house Christian Dior is living a conjunctural moment, John Galliano, the star of the fashion world, is facing legal charges and is outside the firm.

The avalanche of comments were swift, as is the case with Natalie Portman who is Jewish and strongly criticized the designer, stating: "I am deeply shocked and upset by the video of the comments of John Galliano", to which he added did not want be connected in any way with the designer, why to wait to know the course that will take the advertising contract of the celebrated Oscar winner with the firm, as the image of Dior Cherie.

Outside the costs of lawyers who can bring the popular disgust with this unfortunate incident will affect economically to the brand and the bad publicity that results in sales of the collection is coming, says specialist in fashion, Fashion Director of Radicals, Catherine Villota, but in speaking of the fashion house concludes that "it is not viable to be destroyed by the incident.'s legacy is very powerful Dior and Galliano before".

For its part, Izi Grinberg, a respected member of the Jewish community says the fact that "The House of Dior should not wash their hands now, it's amazing that such a prestigious brand director was unaware of the profile of Fashion. The world does not need be given the title 'genius' to anyone who admires Hitler. "
Although it is a difficult case of mixed feelings where passion for fashion as a means of expression is embodied in a controversial character and confronts the absolute rejection of anti-Semitism in any form of expression, only one question remains to be done, could it be that the Galliano reputation can be saved thanks to his contribution to the world of fashion and glamor, exempting the social rejection?, so only time will tell us.


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