Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dresser-Rand buys the Basque company Guascor

The North American company has acquired 100 % of the Basque group Guascor, dedicated to the supply and exploitation of equipments and energetic and shipping facilities, in an operation of approximately 500 million Euros.

With this operation, Basque Country loses the control on one of his principal industrial companies. Guascor is between 50 principal Basque signatures for volume of turnover, with a few annual sales that they overcome the 300 milones of Euros, an important volume but to many distance of his buyer, who deposited last year 1.425 millions of Euros.

Dresser-Rand dedicated to the development and manufacture of capital goods for the sectors of the gas, oil, petrochemical and industry, possess in his board of directors the president of Guascor, Joseba Grajales.
Once incorporated into the new group, Guascor will turn into the World Center of Excellence into the area of sustainable solutions into the sectors of environment and new energies of Dresser-Rand with the current management team.

This strategic operation, according to Guascor, strengthens his managerial project and makes possible an intense and increasing internationalization and penetration new markets. In addition, it will facilitate the development of new products and services and the integration in an extensive commercial network, of technological centers and units of research and development. With presence in more than 140 countries in five continents. The impact of this operation in Basque Country will be translated, at once, in an increase of Dresser-Rand's manufacturing activities, with repercussion in the network of suppliers and the managerial fabric of the country, as has announced the Basque company.

On the other hand the heads of Guascor and Dresser-Rand claimed that there is no risk of relocation of factories that the group has in the Basque Country

María José González

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