Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The price of green peppers, apples and beans rises in February

Winter frosts have caused the price of green peppers has raised 12.30% in February. According to the relationship that manufactures each month the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, green beans and apples have also risen by 2.5%. Despite these results, farmers and ranchers grouped into COAG report that prices in the area have fallen by 11% on average, but the profit margins of food have increased by 19% YoY. Reveal that the amount is multiplied by 4.35 in the journey from the farm to the table. The price of citrus and fresh fish fell last month. Oranges and lemons are in season, and that meant that the amount has decreased by 5.8% and 4.96%, respectively. They have also recorded reductions in the cost of hake (-5.20%), whiting (-4.32%) and whiting (-4.15%). Of course, the 'bubble' of lemons seems to have finally exploded after falling 7.91%. Colpisa

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