Sunday, March 20, 2011

CCOO and UGT convened from tomorrow partial strikes in telemarketing companies to force the negotiation.

CCOO and UGT have called stoppages partial telemarketing companies, which employs about 6,000 people in Castilla y León, in order to force the collective bargaining agreement, which expired in late 2009.Union representation has prepared a program stops 15 minutes in each of the three shifts on Mondays and Wednesdays from March 21.
The proposal by the employer, that has not been moved or mediated by the state labor relations service (SIMA) was to make the representation of employees agree to change terms of the agreement that made it difficult trying despido.De so that all and female employees may be dismissed with the minimum compensation of 20 days referred to in the recent labor reform. The platform presented by CC.OO. tried to keep the current working conditions and to ensure wage revision clause ensuring purchasing power of some workers who come to have wages of 800 euros per month.
The union has had to go to court once and for companies to recognize the increase of 2.2 percent agreed in the agreement for 2009. Since then the meager wages of workers has not moved since the ACCE employer refuses a reasonable negotiation.CCOO union representation denies the reasons argued by the employer to keep improving the working conditions of workers by pointing out the culpability of the companies that hire telemarketing services, like banking, insurance, government, energy and telecommunications companies. According to the employer, the tough trading conditions with which contract their services entail losses prevent them from improving the collective agreement, which denied the workers' representatives, said Committees.

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