Friday, October 22, 2010

To consume paper is one of the best ways of preserving our forests

The manager of the Cluster of the Paper of Basque Country, Iñaki Ugarte, search to separate the information from the myths that the paper is not a pollutant element. Although, it affirms that the industry needs wastebasket, not only forests remain, but it increases the number of plantations for industrial use. Ugarte defended his thesis this week in a chat - colloquium in the Aquarium de Donostia, in the frame of the eleventh edition of the contest 'Zipristin' to promote the respect to the environment.

The first thing that the industry wastebasket is not a causer of the deforestation. The paper does not take place from exotic, tropical or noble wood, but of species of rapid growth as the eucalyptus or the pine. is necessary the wood to obtain paper is obtained principally of forest plantations for industrial use.


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