Thursday, October 14, 2010

the breaker how become an athlete

These days Josef Ajram has come to Donostia. He is a famous athlete who has achieved great marks besides participating in several iromans, and he has been the first Spanish sportman to complete de Ultraman which consist on 10 km swiming, 421 km ridding a bike and they run 84 kilometres in three days, but Josef is not only an athlete, he also is a day trader. He started working in Telepizza and finished managing 400000 euros per day. Nowadays that glorious days had gone and now everything is different for Josef. He is going to come to Donosti to present us the book he has written about his life.
For our point of view to ``play´´ in the stock market is to take lot of risk with something that is difficult to get, the money in this case. You can get everything or lose all you have.

Iñaki and Ion Ander

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