Monday, October 18, 2010


Something is happening in the real estate market. maybe for the proximity of the 31/12/2010, in this date the buyers with incomes above EUR 24,100 per year will be without tax relief for purchase of flat. But this is not necesary a god news, the next year when finish this demand the price of flat will fall more. That is the problem.
For that reason the banks are doing a lots of offers right now, they are trying to take advantage in this moment. But some people dont know which is the better solution, maybe they can wait for cheaper flat but whitout tax relief or pay now and take advantage whit this discount, This is not an easy decision.
In the real estate sector are afraid that in 2011 the market will be equal like in the car industry after the plan 2000 finished (sales colapse).
In my opinion the Goverment have to do something about that problem to stop the crisis.
When sunrise we´ll see it.

María José González

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