Friday, October 22, 2010

London will dismiss about a half million public workers

The british goverment announced yesterday the largest program of austerity in decades, intended to tackle the biggest deficit in Europe, but at the cost of a half million public employees.

In a statement the british minister of economy, George Osborne, told that for 2015 he expects controlling the public debt and the publics finances.In his opinion the solution to the problem of the debts is to control the interes, and to do that 490000 employees should be dismissed on the next 4 years. he excused himself saying that ``is inevitable some layoffs when a country run out of money , but they will try helping them looking for a new job. Other soluciont consist on he will implement in a reduction of the 4 percent on the politic finance and also the retirement will be at 66 years old.

Taking to acoount the differents sectors he will implement differents solutions. In the case of Companies ministry the percentage will be 7.1 per year, in the culture 41 percent and the defense ministry will have a reduction of 8 percent the next for years. In the Enviroment, Food and Rural Affairs will reduce in 8 percent, while the Ministry of Foreing Affairs will take a reduction of 24 percent in for years and the Ministry of juistice a 6 percent.In the case of the Health system will get 2,280 million euros in 4 years.

He thinks that the people who has better resources the will face off with the costs of the university and they will not have such as helps that they have now.

Ion Ander

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