Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who wins with the crisis?

In life there is always someone who is benefited from the misfortunes of others. The global financial crisis is not a exception.

During the past year there have been companies that have seen their incomes increase as the crisis also did.

Who is on the big side? who in the small side?

The big side: Some financial institutions apart from survive the crisis took benefits of it as is the case of the U.S. bank JP Morgan Chase and Barclays among others. The "parasites" of the bag are other beneficiaries of the crisis. These investors benefit from the stock market crash. Gold Investors are others because according to experts, gold is a safe bet in times of crisis. Whose offer the right product at the right time and Bankruptcy specialists they couldn't miss in this section all those specialists, financial advisers and lawyers specializing in bankruptcy.

The small side: The takeout companies because many families have already chosen to spend more time at home, watching a movie on TV instead of going to the cinema, cooking, or take some pizzas instead of going to a restaurant. Those who have spent years waiting, because they have been saving for years because before it was so expensive that they could not afford to buy anything but they can now afford to buy "cheap".

And finally ... journalists. If not, as one guy named "Martin" who says at a forum in cyberspace, "we would still talking about Britney Spears."

And you, what do you think?

Who has benefited from the crisis?


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  1. I have the same thougts.
    Sometimes I think the ''crisis'' subject is just another marketing idea. Now I see more people buying at stores or over the internet, of course, at cheaper prices.
    Maybe I'm wrong, who knows? is just my opinion