Sunday, January 1, 2012


Christine Lagarde, president of ‘International Monetary Fund’ (IMF) has sent a message to all european leaders asking them for ‘talk in Europe with an united voice’ and to ‘prepare an specific calendar’ that will help us to confront the debt crisis that threats to break the international economic system.

‘International economy is in a danger situation’. Lagarde said this two weeks ago, and she advise that probably the 4% of growth in world’s economy for 2012 can be less than this percentage.

Lagarde remind that this crisis in Europe ‘is a crisis based on the confidence of the public debt and on finnancial system soundness’.

President of IMF has told that investors are waiting for a simple but specific calendar. She said again that all European leaders have to talk in Europe with an united voice; she said this after she had seen the protectionism of a couple of countries.

Erik Rios Salazar

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