Sunday, January 22, 2012

In the world "there are more poor" than previously thought

India is poorer than Africa. This is known as Multidimensional Poverty Index.

In India there are 421 million people living below the poverty line while 410 million live in Africa. That means that the world has 400 million more poor people than estimated to date. The index was applied in 104 countries and it measured 78% of the population.

To calculate poverty are based on income. For example, the World Bank considers poor person who has an income below $ 1.25 per day. But also take into account things like health, if their children went to school (education), if they had a dirt floor in their home, if they had access to electricity, if they had water well or if they cook with firewood.

Among Latin American countries, Uruguay is the one with the lowest poverty rate (1.7%), followed by Ecuador (2.2%), Argentina (3%) and Mexico (4%).

Niger is the poorest country in the world by the new index (92.7%), followed by Ethiopia (90%), Mali (87.1%) and Central African Republic (86.4%).


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