Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bank charges for transfers rose 20 times the CPI in 2011

According to a study of the Spanish Confederation of Housewives, Consumers and Users (Ceaccu), the fees charged by financial institutions for transfers in 2011 rose 20 times the annual inflation, it increased 44% over the previous year.

These commissions are the most expensive in the last year, next to the one which is applied to the provision of debit card cash (29%) or the one on the maintenance of savings account (23% ) and the study for credit and mortgage loans (23%).

Also they had recorded important increases in maintenance fees for current account (22%), the annual fee debit card (17%), the study of non-mortgage loans (15%), direct debit receipts (14%), or the annual fee credit card (10%).

Ceaccu notes that since the crisis began in 2008, bank overdrafts cost 62% more, keep out money with a debit card of the own networt cost 52% more, while the annual fee debit card maintenance and account management have become more expensive in 48% in this period.


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