Friday, January 20, 2012

Back to the monthly electricity meter reading

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has sent to National Comission of Energy a royal decree project on the electricity meter reading.

With this decree, the government will end with the reading system applicated since september 2008. This reading was made every 2 months, even if the users used to pay the electricity bill every month. So, one of the two readings was based on an estimate.

The Ministry has communicated that, with this new lar, the government wants consumers to pay just the electricity they use. The system still in force has generated an important number of claims by part of the consumers.

If the consumer wants to continue with the monthly billing, the electricity company will continue with the bimestral meter reading and months when there is not a real reading, it will be esmatimated.

Also, to make the billing easier, the royal decree project says that the consumers will be able to provide the meter reading, in the case that the distributor could not carry it out. The possibility of reading your own meter to help with the billing already exists for other supplies like the gas or the water.


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