Sunday, April 10, 2011

COMENIUS:GOEM: BELFAST: 2nd day of the meeting

We woke up very early as always and went to School. The second day task was to work in the Phrasebook we have already started in Zubiri. The groups were mixed and we had to complete the booklet. The topics were different for each group: For instance: Directions, weather, greetings, working interview… We had to write common phases in different languages. Later on, each group made the cover of the booklet and decided which one was the best. Congratulation to Xabi, the cover Xabi's group made was the best. The next task was to perform the sentences but in our partner's language. Would you like to listen to our partners speaking in Basque?

In the afternoon we went to pirate mini golf it was designed with special effects at the course including firing cannons, spitting totem poles... . It was amazing.

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