Sunday, April 3, 2011

The euríbor overcomes 2 % in his daily price

After registering in March his major raise in two years, the euríbor has put on today in April exceeding in his daily rate 2 % (2,013 %), a level that was not touching from March, 2009

The indicator closed last month in 1,924 %, his highest level of last 25 months, from February, 2009, with what it will increase in price in an average of 600 Euros per year a mortgage.Nevertheless, the impact of a raise of the euríbor is proportionally bigger for the mortgages than longer term. And, obviously, it is also major major all is the quantity of the lending.

The euríbor has ranged, in his more than ten years of history, between the historical monthly maximum of 5,393 % that reached in July, 2008 and the minimum of 1,215-year ago-old %, in March, 2010, but till now it had never duplicated the average type of interest that the ECB reminds for the zone of the Euro.

Next Thursday the ECB will approve, almost with complete certainty, a raise of interest rates of a quarter of percentage point, which, according to the consulted experts, the euríbor will push up to 2,25 % or 2,60 % at the end of year, according to the opinion of the analysts. If there are fulfilled these forecasts, who have to check his mortgage in the next months they will see as the increase in the quotas it is going to be every time a major similar pass the time.

María José González

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