Friday, April 1, 2011

Discovered in the Basque Country: 7,500 previously 'missing' jobless

The Basque Government has detected 7,500 more people than previous thought who were registered unemployed in the autonomous community's previous job placement service, Langai.

The Basque Vice-councilor for Employment, Javier Ruiz, and the Director General of the current employment service Lanbide, Javier Ramos, revealed the finding during a press conference given on Wednesday.

Following the clearance of lists passed from the former to the current service, the Employment Department, directed by Gemma Zabaleta, discovered that not all the unemployed people signed up to Langai, which operated between 1996 and 2010, had been passed on to the (national unemployment service) INEM.

Specifically, a total of 7,500 people who were on the list of jobless at Langai did not feature on INEM's list, despite the former agency allegedly sending them frequent updates.

With this additional data, the number of people in the Basque Country registered as unemployed goes up from 145,456 to 152,956, the equivalent in percentage of a rise from 10.89% to 11.4%.

By Mónica

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