Thursday, November 4, 2010

The three times champion of the world died because of "Dengue"

Andy Irons (Oahu, Hawaii, 1978) was, since I can remember, an appendage of the rolling seas of the planet.
Enjoyed and did enjoy the surfing community of nature, and this, I knew, they say, has wanted this week make him the example of human vulnerability to it. What you could do with imposing waves has, allegedly, with a tiny mosquito.
Aedes aegypti, is called the bug murderer, is attributed Irons transmission of dengue virus that has killed the Hawaiian myth, found dead Tuesday in a Dallas hotel. The insect is typically located where there is standing water and clean, pools, uncovered containers and abandoned containers pots, discarded tires or water sinks yards. The family of the deceased believed to have contracted the virus during the Rip Curl contest in Puerto Rico.
According to their loved ones to be affected by a high fever, spent two days in Miami being treated, but insisted on returning to his home (the Hawaiian island of Kauai) to be examined by his personal physician. On the way, he felt worse and could not take the flight stopover in Dallas, staying at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Its employees was found dead on Tuesday. He was 32 years old, married and with his wife eight months pregnant.
Pending an autopsy, the extended version has also found competition in the other scenarios that overshadow the end of one of the brightest stars in the history of surfing. The average 'Honolulu Advertiser Star' has been confirmed in the last hours that have been found traces of methadone and other substances, painkillers and sleeping pills "in the room where they found his body. Some sources have linked the case of drugs with athlete's own past statements that he confessed at some point be fighting "demons."
Another world-class rider, Owen Wright, said the newspaper 'The Australian' that many surfers could also be sick and described the symptoms as extreme fatigue, fever and headache. Would be a total of five: Davidson, Travis Logie and Kalani Miller, along with Wright himself and the late Iron.
According to WHO, with appropriate medical treatment, the mortality rate for dengue can be reduced to less than one thousand. However, in a small proportion of cases is experienced dengue shock syndrome, which, left unattended, can cause death within four to eight hours.
Three world titles
The champion will start a wave of performances in the next few hours but will admire his legacy on the table: three world titles (2002, 2003 and 2004), $ 1,223,033 in prize money and won twenty major events.
In 2004 Billabong produced a film about her figure, 'Blue Horizon', which stood out as the best surfer of all time. He became so dear to the governor of Hawaii ruled in 2003 that on February 13 would be 'The Andy Irons day'.


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