Friday, November 12, 2010

The Prices of the damages

Damages in Donostia amounted to over one million euros. The worst hit area was the Paseo Nuevo, where they will have to spend 701,500 euros.
Damage from the storm that struck the Bay of Biscay on Tuesday will cost the City of San Sebastian alot of money. To repair everything that was swept away by the huge waves that hit the city will cost, in a first estimate and regardless of VAT, 1,041,400 euros. Far from definitive, this will increase even more because it still lacks destruction of value, as those who have suffered some concession units.
As always, much of that money will go to the Paseo Nuevo, which seems to have suffered from a battle between nature and man's work. Retrieving the ride will cost at least 701,500 euros. Of this, most will cover the traditional tunnel that the sea created during the great storm. This will cost around 400,000 euros, although it is unclear whether through contributions or the City Council Building.
The restoration of the previous tunnel, which was created during the storm of March 11, 2008 and on this occasion has withstood the effects of waves, cost 100,000 euros. The amounts are also high at the time of budgeting the necessary work to repair the pavement (75,000 euros), remove the lumps of rock (50,000), replace 30 banks (25,000) and tidy up the area (25,000).
These figures do not represent the cost of repair of the Paseo Nuevo only. In order for San Sebastian to be completely repaired, it must also replace the bins (7,000 euros), install temporary fencing (7,000), restore the balustrade (6,500), fix the lighting equipment (5,000) and replace the coping destroyed or wall coverings (1,000). In addition, repair the toilets, which has been quite unfavorably, it will cost 17,000 euros. And there is still an extensive evaluation of sea walls and promenade, as well as the slopes.
In Ondarreta, repairing the beach cabins will about 102,800 euros, in the absence of a more detailed study. In the same area, rebuilding the stone wall and playground, and the relocation of benches and bins will cost 34,000 euros.
Santa Clara
Santa Clara Island is under revision, but the temporal experience of 2008 suggests that municipal technicians will be needed to clean up, costing 100,000 euros. In another symbolic part, the Peine del Viento, 41,000 euros will be needed to rebuild the platform destroyed by the waves, reposition the batter and replace the pavement.
In the Zurriola, remove the sand in the hallway outside the cabins, clean the inside and replace the windows; 14,800 euros, while replacing seven banks at the pier will cost 3,000, to replace the broken rail bridge Zurriola - 1,000 euros. A somewhat smaller amount, 17,500 euros, will repair the toilets in the area of the Kursaal. And much less the amount necessary to relocate the rail on the bridge of María Cristina (3,000 euros), replace the balustrade of the Paseo de Salamanca and Aldamar (2,000 euros) and repair the coping on the Paseo de France (1,000).


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