Thursday, November 4, 2010

The debate between proponents and opponents of the bulls is more than ever on the street. In Spain, the taurine herds occupy an area of 540,000 hectares and the bull runs generate a turnover of 2,500 million euros every year. Bullfights are still the basis of many popular festivals, in major fairs a high percentage of places is still packing. In fact, the bulls is the second most watched show in Spain after football.

The proponets presented in his defense that the bull is a unique especies would be lost if it was not designet by and bullfighting because their productivity is nil and the coust of their upbringing is very high. They beleave bullfighting is an art.

The encahausted opponents , like me, consider that the bull is a breed that could survive without the man raising like other multiple species. The United Nations Educational and Cultural Organitation, UNESCO, defines the act of fighting as " terrible and venal art of torturing and killing animals in public; ir is a challenge, morality, education, science and culture". UNESCO should be taken into account and colling for the abolition of what they consider a bloody whow.

Tradition or murder? culture or cruelty?

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