Monday, February 4, 2013

Parking in Donostia

After measuring the costs of diesel when moving inside the city, now its the time to talk about the cost of parking your car in a parking lot or in an OTA zone.
There are 4 zones, the special zone, red, blue and green.

  • The special one is the most expensive, because it’s located in the middle of the city( light brown color)
  • The red zone is a bit cheaper than the special zone
  • The green zone is the cheapest, placed in the universities and Zurriola
this is the map of the zones

Lets compare the costs between the 4 zones:
1 hour
Special 1.94€
Red 1.48€
Blue 1.12€
Green 0.87€

If you want to park your car safely in a underground parking, we can difference 3 different prices depending on the zone of the underground:
(click on the links to see the map and prices)

Now lets calculate the price of 1 hour like before:
1 hour
1st group 2.29€
2nd group 1.94€
3rd group 1.75€

To continue the example from the Diesel costs, lets add the cost of parking to that example:
From 14 to 24€ per month (diesel)
Parking in a OTA zone (green zone) for 6 hours: 3.49€ a day, 69.8€ for 20 days, for example, if you have to park there to work.
Now things don’t look that cheap with an estimated total of 87€ per 20 days.
Next time we’ll talk about the cost of maintenance and taxes, and then compare them to the cost of using the bus and bike.

Bastian Parra

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