Monday, February 18, 2013

Many workers are forced to take early retirement

With the issue of the crisis Spain is suffering a lot in the economy and much of these aspects of the crisis is reflected in early retirement.

As we know, the retirement age is in 65 years but we can retired earlier. Many of workers between 61 and 63 years old are unemployed, so they are retiring. To think, just two months ago that the new pension act can have access to a voluntary retirement, early or forced to retire two years would enable you ahead of schedule. The self-employed are the most affected ones and that blocking the new law requires them to continue trading until 65 years old.

The central government suspended until March these sections under the act. Them, we’ll know what it will happens with all the workers and also, with the social security because they are in the limit as they hardly counted two taxpayers for every pensioner.

Xabier Alberdi

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